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Hexagon obsessed (again!)

8 Oct

I’ve become obsessed with making hexagons to eventually make a quilt. This would normally be great, except that right now I have a custom order to work on and I have to make things for a craft fair I’m in later this winter.


But the hexagons are calling me to work with them…


WIP: almost done!

18 Oct

As I mentioned, my mom came to visit recently. She also brought me a huge box of scrap yarn and other crafty bits from one of my aunts. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with all that scrap yarn, because you know, tiny balls some larger of different weights…so I thought I’d combine them and make a blanket to work on while we wait for the babies to get out of their classes at the Y.

I’m making the ten stitch blanket. So far it’s going pretty well.

This is the start of the blanket, maybe a week ago. Because you know I have to start right now! it isn’t like I don’t have any other projects to work on…


Check it out – almost done! Not really. But it’s an easy knit that I don’t really need to think about while doing it, so I like that.

Also, I want to point out that I told my aunt that after I finished the projects in the box that she didn’t (one needlepoint, one cross stitch and a half knit sweater) that I was going to mail it all back to her. That includes this blanket. I hope she’s ready for all this crafty mail.

Work in progress: the cross stitch banner

2 Oct

I took it upon myself last week to organize a tin of knotted floss that I’d bought at a tag sale last summer. (to be fair, it was that knotted tin of floss, 5 hoops and 3 packs of white linen napkins for a quarter!) Why? Because I saw how Jason over at Domestigay stores his and I needed to copy him – because he’s mad cool.

This is how it looked when I started, while Bea kept stirring it and saying “happy birthday for daddy” and offering me bites (that I politely declined!):


I ran out of clothes pins before I could finish…but here’s what I did do:


All that organizing made me want to work some more on the what were you thinking, starting this? banner. I didn’t really make a ton of progress but in cross stitch, an inch or two feels like a lot of progress – at least to me.


This is what it will, eventually, look like. You can see how I’m almost done! Ha ha ha!!


*and I also wanted to mention that I updated my etsy shop, and I’ve got a coupon code for all my wonderful readers – FRIEND15, for 15% off your purchase as a thanks for being such great blog readers*

WIP: possible tea towel sampler

10 Aug

Last night my husband and I watched I Love You to Death. We had both remembered seeing it years ago, but couldn’t remember anything specific about it – other than me saying how much I loved River Phoenix (but I’m the perfect age for that sort of thing). It was pretty funny.

I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with my latest work in progress, right? Well, here’s the long version – a couple weeks back I hurt my wrist. Nothing serious, kind of a slight sprain. My doctor said not to use it – yeah right! It’s my left wrist & I’m left handed and I have two toddlers to chase after all day! I have been doing my best not to use it. I have been laying off embroidery and finishing that bracelet I started.

I have been instead sketching out ideas for when my wrist is better. You saw some the other day. And since you didn’t outright laugh at me, I thought I’d share more – which is where the movie comes in. Also, true story – I have an art degree and am super self conscious about my drawing skills thanks to one art prof who literally told me on the first day of drawing class to leave because I wasn’t good enough! (side note to that: he worked with my husband) so yeah…

Okay, so in the movie there’s a scene with Tracey Ullman and River Phoenix in the kitchen and behind them is this amazing wallpaper – stacked teacups in shades of yellow and green. It’s so awesome.


I sketched this out really quickly while we were watching the movie so I wouldn’t forget – I think it would be really cool if the designs on the teacups made for an embroidery sampler. And if the teacups lined the sides of a tea towel. That’s my plan for this drawing, after I refine it a lot more.

WIP: bracelet

16 Jul


I started a new, different kind of bracelet the other day. I don’t know what it is about summer, but I get all jewelry making obsessed. Probably because it’s small and fairly quick and not hot on my lap like knitting.

Anyway, I’ve been working on this one all week. I like how it’s turning out so far:


I like the colorful bumps. After this, I have an idea for a necklace using a similar technique but I’m not sure if it will work. I’ll have to test it out.

Also, note how well that manicure held up this week! It just started chipping yesterday, I don’t know of that’s the power of Revlon or Seche Vite, but it’s pretty awesome.

Almost done

18 Mar


I don’t know if mentioned, but over my husbands spring break I had planned on working on the quilt I started a while back. It didn’t happen because we were all sick. So, this weekend with all the amazing weather, my husband took the kids out to the park so I could work on the quilt. I also finally, after 7 months of living here, put some lightbulbs in the light near my sewing machine…

What I didn’t count on while working on the quilt was that I had a foreman:



Myra Ellen spent the entire weekend overseeing my progress on the quilt. I asked her for some help and the most she’d do was weigh down the quilt when I laid it out to check the size:


She isn’t so good at working. Her forte is more of the watch and complain variety.

Anyway, I started sewing the quilt sandwich last night. We’ll see if my tiny Hello Kitty machine can handle it.



5 Mar


I may have mentioned this before but I have a terrible case of crafter’s add. I tend to start a couple projects and work on them for a bit before starting a new one – ahem, like the sweater I started before Christmas that just needs sleeves…

Anyway, I started this little needlepoint project over the weekend. It was in an embroidery book that I bought when we went to Paris a few years ago. I stared at this fawn, it will be a fawn, for years before attempting it. I’m excited that it’s turning out the way it should.

Have you recently tried a new craft and liked it?

Sneak Peek: a work in progress

14 Nov


I’m doing an exchange of something embroidered with a friend of mine. This is part of what I’m making for her. It’s a Ryan Berkeley illustration pattern from Sublime Stitching. I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far.

What are you working on?

Wordless Wednesday: from my sketchbook

9 Nov