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1 Jul

Summer is usually a pain because it involves a lot of my husband and I trying to figure out how to keep the kids busy. 

Any ideas? 
Anyway, this year, they went to camp for a week. They would come home and fall asleep by 7pm. INSANE! They loved it so much they’re going back for three more weeks – thanks to two very generous grandmothers. 

We’ve been keeping them busy in other ways too. I spent about 4 days combing out Lucien’s hair – he hates the comb, and putting his hair into two strand twists. I loved it and thought he looked adorable, but he wanted a haircut.    

Do you think he’s into his haircut? 

The kids also have been working on their fort making skills. They built this epic one the other day. Well, Lucien built it and Bea kept saying “I love my new apartment” and “I can’t wait to decorate my new place!” Then they gave me 40 cents and two frisbees as rent. Hahahaha!    
What have you been doing for fun this summer? My next post is about what I’ve been doing besides school. 


The sounds of silence

13 Jul

Since my husband is teaching a class for summer session this year, we tried to make the most of the time he had off. Just like in my last post, I’ll show you in pictures what we’ve been up to:


We went to Ikea on the fourth. I picked up these two one of a kind kids, and a cart I’ve been wanting for a while. Here’s a picture of the cart –


I put all my embroidery stuff on the cart. I love it!! And unlike most things from ikea, it was easy to put together! And my kids had a blast at Ikea! They loved checking everything out and sitting/laying down on all the furniture! They didn’t understand the fake rooms but loved it! I can’t wait to take them back.

And speaking of embroidery, I’m working on a cross stitch for a friend. Here’s a peek:


It is supposed to take 14 hours according to the pattern – it’s been about 20 hours of work and I’m nowhere near done! I really hope my friends like it.

We hit up a bunch of tag, estate and church rummage sales. We found some cute stuff, here are some pictures of what we found:

We didn’t buy the organ. It was a working Wurlitzer, and it was the third one I’d seen in as many days. If you want a Wurlitzer come to Scranton.



How’s your summer been?

Summertime pool time

22 Jun

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I really, really, hate hot weather. A lot. Yes, I complained a whole heck of a lot when I went to Africa and during the entirety of our summers in Tennessee. Ironically, maybe, I’m a July baby. Ha.

Anyway, I saw on the news the other night that temperatures here were to reach triple digits by the weekend – which is insane! So, we took pity on the babies who love going outside and love hot weather, and we picked up a kiddie pool for them.

Oh my goodness! They had a blast last night – especially after J and I got in the pool with them!




Yes, I’m wearing clothes. I hadn’t planned on going in the pool, but they seemed a bit apprehensive about it so I jumped in. It was cold. And refreshing. And if I wasn’t wearing black pants, it would’ve looked like I’d peed my pants after I got out. Ha ha.