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Busy time off

7 Jul

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking classes on Saturday, year round. Well, I got kind of lucky and just had a full three week break – that hasn’t happened since Christmas. I originally thought about just sleeping while the kids are at camp, but then I felt guilty so I started making things. Lots of things. 

This was first, I’d heard the song and made the embroidery and didn’t know what to do with it.    
 I love this song. 

Then I got hooked on making foldover zip clutches, I’ve been making them non-stop. I ran out of the amazing (vintage, yard sale purchased) blue with white polka dotted fabric! But here are some pictures:

I’m obsessed.  I’m also running out of zippers – something I never thought would happen. 

What’s your latest craft obsession?


New clothes for B & L

10 Feb

I finally got my sewing machine up and running this week. Thankfully school hasn’t gotten to be too busy yet so I was able to get some sewing done for the kids, including a shirt I had cut out and pinned for Lucien but before we moved last spring!

Here’s Lucien’s top, it’s the Charlie Tunic from Made By Rae. I like this pattern (and the dress version) because they’re easy! I also modify it where I don’t put in the buttons. The main fabric in this is wax cloth that my husband bought for me when he last went to Gabon. The coordinating fabric is vintage that I found at a tag sale last summer.


I wasn’t sure at first how they’d go together, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I’m also pretty happy with Lucien’s crazy toothless grin! (Side note – he lost his tooth last week in the middle of the night, and couldn’t find it! Like it’s somewhere in his room, but we haven’t been able to find it. Maybe he swallowed it, but the night he lost it, he says he dropped it between his bed and the wall, and we woke up to the sound of him pawing at the wall to get it back – freaking out the that tooth fairy might not come. It was crazy!)

Anyway –

For Bea, I made a twirly skirt. I didn’t use a pattern, I just measured her waist, then doubled the measurement – so 22″x2 = 44, then I measured the length and added a couple inches to account for the hem and waistband, it was 14″. I just cut a rectangle from the fabric and sewed up the side, but instead of zig zagging the seams after sewing them, I did French seams instead. It took about 30/45 minutes to make, the longest part was putting the elastic in the waistband.


First, Bea didn’t really want to pose – she wanted to twirl around…but she picked the fabric, it’s Alexander Henry from Joann’s maybe a year or so ago. I think I might make her some more and add some mini pom poms to the bottom, I think she’d like that.

Tie it up

7 Feb

I’ve been a bow tie making machine over here for the Fusion Union Wedding Expo.

I thought I’d show some of the ones I’ve made recently as I think they’ve been coming out really good and I’m so, so excited about them!



These last two are my recent faves – I love that sailor fabric – I found it in Maine years ago and love it so much I’ve never wanted to cut into it. The wax cloth is from a friend of mine who clearly knows the way to my heart! I love how the selvedge looks wrapped around the bow.


Small scrappy quilt

12 Aug

I saw something about making scrappy quilts by glueing (with a gluestick) fabric scraps onto a larger piece of fabric and then sewing down the pieces once the glue has dried. It didn’t seem to difficult, so I tried it.

I used a beige muslin I had in my stash and from my scraps I used shades of blue and green. The back is a blue gingham that one of my aunts gave me years ago. Oh, and the binding is vintage binding that came in a sewing box I bought at a yard sale.

I’m pretty happy with it and Bea has claimed it as hers, so that’s a good sign.

Here are a couple pictures:




24 Apr

As I’ve been preparing for the upcoming show, I had one embroidery that I didn’t know how to display. It was tall, but not wide and it looked odd framed. I had thought about quilting around it to make a wall hanging, but I couldn’t pick the fabrics. It was really bothering me because I liked how the embroidery came out.

I finally decided not to put it in the show, but instead turned it into a pillow – that Lucien instantly stole!


Speaking of my show – here’s a bit of press about it, I sound like a tool!

Wordless Wednesday: in which Myra Ellen judges my sewing

20 Mar



WIP: On the right track

17 Jan

I had an idea the other day for a little soft doll with a pocket and in her pocket, she’d have a little peg doll. I sat on this idea for a few days, trying to work out how I would go about making the doll – I’m not so good at making soft dolls from scratch, well, it’s their faces that give me trouble. I checked some old craft books I had for some ideas of how to do the faces/hair and how to attach the arms with buttons.

I then sketched out a head and body and I like what I came up with, but not the arms. I made them too big and I’m not sure I like the attach with a button technique. Here’s what she looked like:


Bea grabbed her right away. She named her “Girl.” And has been playing with her non-stop:


I have a couple ideas of how to fix the doll. I just hope the babies give me a chance to work on it.

Holiday gift crafting

26 Nov

Since I’m fairly certain that ladies on my Christmas list don’t read my blog, or even know about it actually, I feel fairly safe in posting this work in progress. Along with a store bought gift, I’m making some of the women on my list infinity scarves. I know, they’re kind of passé, but I really like them so fuck it.

I googled about a million directions of how to make them. Basically, you just decide how big you want the loop to be and how wide you want it and cut the fabric accordingly. Then I used about a million pins to pin the sides of the pieces together – I had two very long pieces for one and two long pieces for the other. Then I used the zig zag stitch to sew up the long sides of the fabric, making a tube. Then I turned it right side out and brought the ends of the tube together and sewed the opening closed – that was the tricky part.

I kind of like how they came out. I hope the recipients like them, too. Here are some pictures:

This is the first one I made. What am I looking at, you might be wondering? Well, I’ll tell you – nothing at all. Ha ha.


This is the second one I made. The fabric is a really soft flannel that I had in my stash. I think this one is kind of long, but it’ll work.

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part was that I had a little helper:


Until he got bored that is…

Sew I made more shirts

29 May

I made a couple more tips for the babies this week. I think they came out pretty cool.


Lucien picked out this fabric. It’s African wax cloth from Gabon. He picked it because there’s a spider print, he was then scared to wear it when I finished the top…but once he put it on, he loved it.


This dress was made from some fabric I bought at a discount store in Philly about a decade ago. Bea loves it and had been not wanting to take it off. It was really hard to get a picture of her in it as she wouldn’t stop twirling. This was taken mid-twirl.


I call this shirt, “hey, sailor!” I love this one. The fabric is vintage. The red print came from a tag sale in Winslow, Maine ,and was $1 for about 3 yards of it. It’s one of my favorite finds. The blue print came from a bag of scrap fabric one of my aunts got for me from a friend of hers. I wish I had more of it, I literally had enough for this project and that’s it.

I’m sure I’ll have more shirts to show you soon. I have an idea for one involving some embroidery.

And please don’t forget to vote for Bea – here’s the link.

Wordless Wednesday: new balls edition

23 May