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Small scrappy quilt

12 Aug

I saw something about making scrappy quilts by glueing (with a gluestick) fabric scraps onto a larger piece of fabric and then sewing down the pieces once the glue has dried. It didn’t seem to difficult, so I tried it.

I used a beige muslin I had in my stash and from my scraps I used shades of blue and green. The back is a blue gingham that one of my aunts gave me years ago. Oh, and the binding is vintage binding that came in a sewing box I bought at a yard sale.

I’m pretty happy with it and Bea has claimed it as hers, so that’s a good sign.

Here are a couple pictures:




19 Mar


I finished my quilt late last night. I’m so excited! It was such a pain quilting the layers together on my tiny machine, but I’m so happy with the end result.

I think Miss Josephine is happy, too:


Almost done

18 Mar


I don’t know if mentioned, but over my husbands spring break I had planned on working on the quilt I started a while back. It didn’t happen because we were all sick. So, this weekend with all the amazing weather, my husband took the kids out to the park so I could work on the quilt. I also finally, after 7 months of living here, put some lightbulbs in the light near my sewing machine…

What I didn’t count on while working on the quilt was that I had a foreman:



Myra Ellen spent the entire weekend overseeing my progress on the quilt. I asked her for some help and the most she’d do was weigh down the quilt when I laid it out to check the size:


She isn’t so good at working. Her forte is more of the watch and complain variety.

Anyway, I started sewing the quilt sandwich last night. We’ll see if my tiny Hello Kitty machine can handle it.


Sleepy time

5 Mar


As you can see in the picture, B and her poupeé were very tired when I snapped the pic. I love when she and L sleep in the car…of course I also love when they try to sing along to Bowie…

Anyway, there’s been a fair bit of excitement at my house this week. First, we’re on spring break next week. That makes me very happy. We’re not going anywhere – but we are planning on going to see the Vishnu & Hindu home shrines exhibit at the Frist. We’re also going to an alpaca show – that’s tomorrow! I’m excited. I love alpacas!

Second, it looks like we’ll be moving sometime this summer. Although I’ll miss magnolia trees – which are seriously so beautiful – I will not miss the insanely hot summers. Also, the thought of packing my house & selling it makes me want to vomit. I hate moving. I’ll write more about the move in another post.

Third, Miss B had her 18 month old doctor appointment today. She’s weighing in at 24.8 pounds, up about 10 since she came home 10 months ago. She’s a tiny peanut. I call her my swanky peanut, because she is. Our pediatrician told us that we should do our best to not break B’s independant spirit, which we’re trying not to do.

Fourth, I finished the quilt top this week. I’m planning on quilting it all together this week. I’m putting it together for a friend. She asked and I like her. She had embroidered 9 panels and wasn’t sure what to do with them. I was happy to help, although making the quilt ‘sandwich’ is my least favorite part of quilting. I told her she should come over and do that part.