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New Friend

22 Oct

I am a sucker. 

Want to see:

That tiny grey fellow is the newest member of our house. His name is Mr. Squeakers. He’s been cuddly and sweet so far, and the kids are madly in love with him but there’s one old biddy who is very unhappy- 

I feel bad for Myra Ellen. I try to make a point to pet her every day but that’s hard to do when I’m her least favorite – which is ironic because I’m literally the one who saved her life. Oh well…

Wordless Wednesday: in which Myra Ellen judges my sewing

20 Mar



Almost done

18 Mar


I don’t know if mentioned, but over my husbands spring break I had planned on working on the quilt I started a while back. It didn’t happen because we were all sick. So, this weekend with all the amazing weather, my husband took the kids out to the park so I could work on the quilt. I also finally, after 7 months of living here, put some lightbulbs in the light near my sewing machine…

What I didn’t count on while working on the quilt was that I had a foreman:



Myra Ellen spent the entire weekend overseeing my progress on the quilt. I asked her for some help and the most she’d do was weigh down the quilt when I laid it out to check the size:


She isn’t so good at working. Her forte is more of the watch and complain variety.

Anyway, I started sewing the quilt sandwich last night. We’ll see if my tiny Hello Kitty machine can handle it.


Wordless Wednesday: Myra Ellen edition

14 Dec


An open letter to my cat:

6 Dec


Dear Myra Ellen,

I’m so sorry you lost your buddy. I know you don’t understand, but just know that Varouna isn’t in pain any more.

This isn’t a plot against the cats in the house. You’re not next, so don’t feel like you have to sleep with me tonight. But you should know that I do like having you sleep with me. I also very much like that you, for the first time in the nine years we’ve had you, now curl up on my lap every night. You also no longer try to bite me when I pet you – is that also because you think you’re next?

My hope is that this new, friendlier, less feral Myra Ellen stays around for a bit – we like the new you. Keep in mind that the nicer you are, the more kitty treats there are for you.

Oh, and I’m also sorry that when we moved here that you lost your under the kitchen sink apartments. When J and I buy a house, we’ll have to take you apartment hiding spots into consideration when we look at houses.