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New Friend

22 Oct

I am a sucker. 

Want to see:

That tiny grey fellow is the newest member of our house. His name is Mr. Squeakers. He’s been cuddly and sweet so far, and the kids are madly in love with him but there’s one old biddy who is very unhappy- 

I feel bad for Myra Ellen. I try to make a point to pet her every day but that’s hard to do when I’m her least favorite – which is ironic because I’m literally the one who saved her life. Oh well…

Making friends

27 Jun


As you know we’ve just moved to our house. But there’s a Dominican family that lives behind us. Every single day, Lucien has been pining for the little girl to come over and play…

Today – out of nowhere she came running over and he ran towards her, they hugged and didn’t say a word. He then got in our car and we went to the store. On the way there he said “we hugged, I love her and she loves me. We’re friends.”

I wish it was that easy for me to make friends!!

Anyway…we got back from the store, he and Bea invite the girl over, they played here and then went to her house and played. We met her mom, and made a new friend, too I guess. Her mom told me that she went running into the house with my two screaming “come meet my new friends!! I love them!!”

* the picture at the top is Bea and Lucien playing with their new to them Barbie house – I love when they play together nicely!