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Wordless Wednesday: he’s the cutest!

28 Jan


(This is from 2008, I think)


Hartley update

20 Dec

I just realized that I forgot to post an update to Hartley’s biopsy yesterday.

It was good news!

The lump/bump was just a fatty think and not doggy cancer, no surgery needed! Thank goodness! I can’t accurately describe how relived I am.

Hartley and I both thank all of you for your good thoughts. He’s back to laying around, loudly snoring, spying on our neighbor’s min pin and trying to steal everyone’s food right out of their hands.


That’s Hartley’s usual pose…


18 Dec


Hartley has a mass on his leg. It’s really big and is freaking me out. He’s gone in for a biopsy today. If you can spare any good thoughts for us, I’d appreciate it. He would to, if he knew what was going on – when he left for the vet this morning, he was excited for a car ride with the kids.

An update on Hartley

26 Sep

I wrote the other day about how much I love Hartley – I do, he’s the best dog in the world don’t try to compete.

Anyway, Hartley had surgery last week to remove a small cancerous lump on his leg. It couldn’t have scared me more if it had been B or L getting the surgery. I have been completely distracted from everything since then while awaiting the results of the biopsy.


I kept hoping he would be okay, while simultaneously wondering how we would afford doggie chemo (and is that a thing?). The vet assured me that Hartley would be okay and that they completely removed the cancerous bits, but I couldn’t relax until I heard the lab results.


Our vet called yesterday afternoon. He said it was all clear! He made a point of telling me that Hartley was a sweetheart – I already knew that! I can’t even describe how relieved I am. I think last night is the first time in a week that I slept well.

As for Hartley, he’s happy the cone of shame is off and he’s back on guard duty (the reason why my window can never stay clean!).


Wordless Wednesday: I love Hartley way too much edition

18 Sep




Miss Josephine and Myra Ellen are pretty good, too.


Wordless Wednesday (almost wordless): Hartley edition

25 Jul


(I love Hartley!!)