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Busy time off

7 Jul

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking classes on Saturday, year round. Well, I got kind of lucky and just had a full three week break – that hasn’t happened since Christmas. I originally thought about just sleeping while the kids are at camp, but then I felt guilty so I started making things. Lots of things. 

This was first, I’d heard the song and made the embroidery and didn’t know what to do with it.    
 I love this song. 

Then I got hooked on making foldover zip clutches, I’ve been making them non-stop. I ran out of the amazing (vintage, yard sale purchased) blue with white polka dotted fabric! But here are some pictures:

I’m obsessed.  I’m also running out of zippers – something I never thought would happen. 

What’s your latest craft obsession?


Embroidered Mandala

29 Jan

Basically I saw one of these on Pinterest and had to try it. It looked mindless and easy and fairly quick. I was right. I needed a quick and fairly mindless project as a break from my two monster cross stitch projects, and the multitude of abandoned sewing projects…


I started with putting light grey felt in a hoop then layering concentric circles in bright pink and dark grey on top. Then I just started in the middle and worked my way out.


I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. I started another one for when I need a break from other projects. This new one is a bit bigger and has the base color and three circles, rather than two.

Ethel and Lorna

18 Jul

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been updating my etsy shop, and I decided to add these little ladies.

I’ve been calling them Ethel


And Lorna:


I believe I’ve shown you these before – I made them for my art show back in May. But, I came to the realization last night that they’d make really cute cake toppers! What do you think? I have a lot more in the works.

Remember all those sneak peeks?

15 Jul

So, if you remember I’ve been giving you all sorts of sneak peeks at what I’ve been working on lately and now that I’ve finally update my etsy shop, I can show you what it is!




Hand embroidered neckties!

I love how they came out!


I’m currently working on more as well as a couple of custom pieces. Custom work, while I love it, makes me nervous.

Work in progress: the cross stitch banner

2 Oct

I took it upon myself last week to organize a tin of knotted floss that I’d bought at a tag sale last summer. (to be fair, it was that knotted tin of floss, 5 hoops and 3 packs of white linen napkins for a quarter!) Why? Because I saw how Jason over at Domestigay stores his and I needed to copy him – because he’s mad cool.

This is how it looked when I started, while Bea kept stirring it and saying “happy birthday for daddy” and offering me bites (that I politely declined!):


I ran out of clothes pins before I could finish…but here’s what I did do:


All that organizing made me want to work some more on the what were you thinking, starting this? banner. I didn’t really make a ton of progress but in cross stitch, an inch or two feels like a lot of progress – at least to me.


This is what it will, eventually, look like. You can see how I’m almost done! Ha ha ha!!


*and I also wanted to mention that I updated my etsy shop, and I’ve got a coupon code for all my wonderful readers – FRIEND15, for 15% off your purchase as a thanks for being such great blog readers*