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Embroidery crazy

20 Jul

I guess you could say I’ve been busy. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 




Crafty break before summer classes start

19 May

I finised my spring classes a couple weeks ago and have been taking advantage of the time off to make a lot of crafty things – because I always get these ideas for small crafty projects, but during school time, I don’t have time to do them. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and I still have a few more I want to finish before my classes start on Saturday. 

I painted rocks for the garden with Beatrice. After we put them in the garden, our (possibly senile?) old dog Miss Josephine tried to eat one…she’s fine, and I just moved the rocks to where she can’t reach them anymore. 

I organized my case for my hexies. That’s a super task. It’s still missing glue sticks though. 

I made this rain cloud pin. I think it’s missing a sad face, the next one I make will have a sad face. 


I painted these wooden beads and made a faux marbled clay bead. I love these chunky necklaces, so I had to make one. I made another one for a friend, I hope she likes it. 


Every time I see Peter Dinklage, I can only think of this quote now. I had to embroider it. My husband couldn’t stop laughing when I showed it to him. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my other projects before Saturday… 

WIP: embroidery

2 Apr

I mostly finished this embroidery when I was at my mom’s a few weeks ago. I think it needs something else but I’m not sure what. 

It’s a Philip Michael Thomas quote. There’s a lot of really unintentionally hilarious quotes from him. I’m thinking of embroidering more of them. Clearly I watch way, way too much Miami Vice when I’m home alone. Seriously, I did start watching the series from the beginning on netflix…


I think it needs something along the top. I’m still not sure what though. 

Embroidered Mandala

29 Jan

Basically I saw one of these on Pinterest and had to try it. It looked mindless and easy and fairly quick. I was right. I needed a quick and fairly mindless project as a break from my two monster cross stitch projects, and the multitude of abandoned sewing projects…


I started with putting light grey felt in a hoop then layering concentric circles in bright pink and dark grey on top. Then I just started in the middle and worked my way out.


I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. I started another one for when I need a break from other projects. This new one is a bit bigger and has the base color and three circles, rather than two.

Crafty things

31 Jan

I’m so excited! I just found out I’m going to be vending atFusion U ion Wedding Expo, this March 22!

I’ve never vended at a wedding expo, but I think that my bow ties, cake toppers and new items (see that tease?) are a perfect fit! I’ve been spending my days making embroidery samples for custom wedding embroideries – like this one:


I have more planned, and they’re all completely customizable! I’m also bringing my embroidered portraits as I want to let brides know I can embroider wedding portraits as well.

I’ll keep posting new items that I’ll have at the expo, as I make them. I’m pretty excited about some of my newer items!!

Challenge 8-9/365

10 Jan

I thought I’d add the recent embroidery and a little art piece I helped my kids with – which I think counts?


I finished the second circle – and have lots left to do! I’m still excited about this piece and am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.


This is a little project I helped the kids with – they’re sun catchers. I did the halo on Bea’s angel and the hoofs and part of the head on Lucien’s reindeer. I like how they both got really creative with their colors.

Challenge 7/365

7 Jan

I didn’t do anything new, but I worked more on this embroidery – that counts right?


Both the part I posted yesterday and the part I posted today, are just small parts of a much bigger piece. I’m so excited to finish it.

Challenge 4-6/365

6 Jan

I’m a bit behind in posting because a friend of mine has been visiting. But I have been making things.


This kids and I colored letters. This is mine. I used glitter crayons but I doesn’t really show up in the photo.


I made an ugly ric rac flower. This was way cuter on Pinterest.


I started this embroidery today. I’m kind of excited about it. This is just a small part of a bigger piece. I’ll show more tomorrow.

Yellow Submarine

18 Nov

Lucien is obsessed with Yellow Submarine.

We watch it all the time.

We listen to the cd in the car all the time.

His teachers at school told me that he sings songs from it all the time.

I made him this:



Yes, that’s him using it as an accessory in the second picture.

Remember all those sneak peeks?

15 Jul

So, if you remember I’ve been giving you all sorts of sneak peeks at what I’ve been working on lately and now that I’ve finally update my etsy shop, I can show you what it is!




Hand embroidered neckties!

I love how they came out!


I’m currently working on more as well as a couple of custom pieces. Custom work, while I love it, makes me nervous.