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Busy time off

7 Jul

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking classes on Saturday, year round. Well, I got kind of lucky and just had a full three week break – that hasn’t happened since Christmas. I originally thought about just sleeping while the kids are at camp, but then I felt guilty so I started making things. Lots of things. 

This was first, I’d heard the song and made the embroidery and didn’t know what to do with it.    
 I love this song. 

Then I got hooked on making foldover zip clutches, I’ve been making them non-stop. I ran out of the amazing (vintage, yard sale purchased) blue with white polka dotted fabric! But here are some pictures:

I’m obsessed.  I’m also running out of zippers – something I never thought would happen. 

What’s your latest craft obsession?


Crafty break before summer classes start

19 May

I finised my spring classes a couple weeks ago and have been taking advantage of the time off to make a lot of crafty things – because I always get these ideas for small crafty projects, but during school time, I don’t have time to do them. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and I still have a few more I want to finish before my classes start on Saturday. 

I painted rocks for the garden with Beatrice. After we put them in the garden, our (possibly senile?) old dog Miss Josephine tried to eat one…she’s fine, and I just moved the rocks to where she can’t reach them anymore. 

I organized my case for my hexies. That’s a super task. It’s still missing glue sticks though. 

I made this rain cloud pin. I think it’s missing a sad face, the next one I make will have a sad face. 


I painted these wooden beads and made a faux marbled clay bead. I love these chunky necklaces, so I had to make one. I made another one for a friend, I hope she likes it. 


Every time I see Peter Dinklage, I can only think of this quote now. I had to embroider it. My husband couldn’t stop laughing when I showed it to him. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my other projects before Saturday… 

How is it already fall?!?

21 Oct

I had all the best intentions of keeping up with writing after our move this summer, but then time got away from me. And now that things are somewhat winding down – I’ve been super busy as I’ve gone back to school part time! Holy cow, the amount of reading is insane! I’m also making B & L’s Halloween costumes this year, because they both wanted to be Wonder Woman and Elsa. So, if I make the costumes, they can be something else, as long as I can make it.

I’ve also been trying to carve out some time to make crafty things, to keep my sanity. Over the weekend, I made these nifty horse necklaces. I may put one in my etsy, I’m not sure yet.



I have a couple more necklaces I started but haven’t had a chance to finish. Hopefully I’ll have time – I have a paper due for a class this week!

Bzzz bzzz busy

20 Jan

I think I mentioned that at the beginning of the year we had two visitors in one week, I thought that was busy! Apparently this getting used to the kids back at school and J back at work schedule is also keeping us plenty busy!

In our big news here, I applied to vend at a fairly big

event in CT, it’s different from the types of shows I normally do. I’m pretty nervous about whether or not I’ll get in. *fingers crossed I get in!*

In anticipation of getting into that event, I’ve been crafting away while the kids are in school and at night after they go to bed. And really, sometimes when they’re playing. the kids and I are still doing a lot of crafty projects together. – so, no, I didn’t forget my challenge, I just haven’t been very good at photographing it – I also want to keep some things somewhat secretive for the event in CT, nothing super major but maybe it will add an element of excitement, or not. Haha.

Other than being busy and taking the kids out in the snow, there hasn’t been much else to write about – actually, that’s not true – I have a post planned about the 48 Hours from last week, the one about international adoptions.

Anyway, this guy wants to go outside…





Recent crafting

22 Dec

I thought I’d quickly catch you up on some non-craft show related crafting I’ve been doing – it isn’t much but it’s cute. I decided to try needle felting.

This little guy is the result.


He’s like a happy marshmallow!

I’m working on another slightly more ambitious piece but I like the happy marshmallow. He’s happy, how could I not like him?

I also started a quilt and started working on a couple knitting projects I never finished from last year. I’ll have some pictures of those, probably after the holidays.

Hello Peg

26 Feb

My phone broke the other day – it was crazy, but I got a lot done for the art show. I thought I’d share one of the peg dolls I’ve made:


When I showed her to Bea, Bea called her a fairy princess – so cute.

Never cross stitched before? I won’t let that stop me

18 Sep

The other day when I went to the big box craft store to look for fabric paint for my tea towel printing obsession (yes, they will be on etsy soon), I was stopped in my tracks by a project on the cover of a magazine. A cross stitching magazine. I don’t cross stitch. I mean, I have, once, but…at any rate, I needed to do this project. THIS PROJECT!!


I foolishly bought the magazine.

I kept looking at the pattern.

Then putting it away.

Then looking.

This went on for about a week until my husband bought me the aida cloth I’d need for the project.

I still didn’t start it then, because I looked at the pattern again and saw that they estimated it would take 300 hours!! to compleat. Ha ha ha!

So, I started it:



This is really going to cut into my block printing obsession time…

A week away…

19 Dec

Time to procrastinate!

I’m still working on the sweater for my mother in law, it will not be done in time for Christmas, unfortunately.
I am getting a lot of freaky bears done for the littles on my list – basically my own children and my twin 4 year old nieces. I know my daughter likes them as she found one and has been playing with it all say. I just hope my nieces like them too.

I decided in true procrastinator style, start my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project. I did three pages tonight after the babies went to bed. I’m not sure how I feel about them. It is nice to be doing a project just for me, that’s a change. That’s one of my pages below. My theme is “the grey side of life.”
What are you working on?

Too many ideas, too little time

24 Oct


It seems like lately I’m getting ideas for new crafty projects that I want to work on. I keep either starting them and not quite finishing them, or writing them down so I don’t forget about them. I’ve never had this problem before and I can’t decide if I like this or not. It’s like add, but for craft-related things only.

I love having new projects to try. I don’t love having not enough free time. I seriously had no idea how much free time I was wasting doing nothing before I had kids! People say it, that once you have kids you have no free time…I didn’t believe them. But it’s totally true.

Thankfully, my husband will take the kids to the park or to the gym with him (they have a daycare at his gym) so I can nab a few hours here and there to work on things. Maybe it isn’t the babies, but more that I have a time management problem – which let’s face it, I kind of do. I’m late all the time, and that was true even before I had kids…

Anyway…I’m keeping my little notebook of ideas handy for when I’ve got time to start projects. Now if I could just finish them…

Oh, and the picture is of a pair of house slippers I’m making for a friend of my mom’s, I’m lining the inside with a soft flannel. The outside is a cute printed cordouroy. I’ll post pictures when I finish them. Also, as a freaky side note, did you know that I, jokingly, suggested the names ‘Cordouroy’ and ‘Calico,’ for the babies? J did not approve, not even as a joke. I did, seriously, pitch ‘Purl’ for Bea’s middle name, but he wanted nothing to do with it (her middle names are Grace and Folele, the latter being Lingala for flower).

In Circles

13 Sep



I have a new craftsession – making circles with my die cut machine. I don’t know why I never thought to try running fabric through it before, but wow, I’m loving it.

It wasn’t long before I ended up with 20 or so circles of various sizes…some will be used as appliques for dresses for Bea, but what to do with the others? I asked some friends on facebook and the twitters for advice. One friend suggested a bunch of ideas – quilt, flowers, appliques…another sent me a link to about a million and one yo-yo crafts.

See, I love how yo-yos look but I tend to think mine ‘don’t look like the picture,’ when I make them. But, I tried anyway. As you can see in the second picture, it was a good idea! I even put a bird on it.

And, the bonus about this particular craft is that I can do it while the babies are awake. They’re learning more about colors and shapes while they play with the circles. Oh, maybe sewing different colored circles onto small beanbags for the babies to play with…too many ideas and totally not enough time, which as far as I’m concerned is a good thing.