Five years ago today 

4 Jun

This happened: 

Now they’re more like this: 


Even though they can be aggrevating, I think Jeremy and I lucked out and got two pretty amazing kids.  

Wordless Wednesday: weaving edition

3 Jun


Crafty break before summer classes start

19 May

I finised my spring classes a couple weeks ago and have been taking advantage of the time off to make a lot of crafty things – because I always get these ideas for small crafty projects, but during school time, I don’t have time to do them. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and I still have a few more I want to finish before my classes start on Saturday. 

I painted rocks for the garden with Beatrice. After we put them in the garden, our (possibly senile?) old dog Miss Josephine tried to eat one…she’s fine, and I just moved the rocks to where she can’t reach them anymore. 

I organized my case for my hexies. That’s a super task. It’s still missing glue sticks though. 

I made this rain cloud pin. I think it’s missing a sad face, the next one I make will have a sad face. 


I painted these wooden beads and made a faux marbled clay bead. I love these chunky necklaces, so I had to make one. I made another one for a friend, I hope she likes it. 


Every time I see Peter Dinklage, I can only think of this quote now. I had to embroider it. My husband couldn’t stop laughing when I showed it to him. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my other projects before Saturday… 

Neighborhood welcoming committee

4 May

My (absolutely adorable) 6 year old son loves playing outside. He loves riding his scooter up and down the sidewalk on our block. 

He’s super friendly. I think he knows more of our neighbors than I do. He has a big, genuine smile for everyone that walks by and a big kiss for every dog that comes by. 

The other day he and Beatrice hugged our mailman and Lucien told him how much he appreciated getting the mail. The mailman gave him & Bea two rubber band each.

Flash forward about a half hour, some random mean looking teen comes walking by and Lucien ran over and said “here” and put one of the rubber bands on the kid’s wrist. I wasn’t sure what the teen was going to do, but he just smiled and said thanks, then Lucien said “if you don’t like the color, you can paint it!” The teen didn’t laugh at him and just told him it was a great idea. 

Then today while we were in the garden, Lucien made sure to talk to each and every person who walked by our house about our garden. He also had a conversation about dog birthday parties (??) with one of our elderly neighbors. 

He’s totally a one child neighborhood welcoming committee. He is the complete opposite of me. I think we really hit the jackpot with him (and Bea). 

WIP: embroidery

2 Apr

I mostly finished this embroidery when I was at my mom’s a few weeks ago. I think it needs something else but I’m not sure what. 

It’s a Philip Michael Thomas quote. There’s a lot of really unintentionally hilarious quotes from him. I’m thinking of embroidering more of them. Clearly I watch way, way too much Miami Vice when I’m home alone. Seriously, I did start watching the series from the beginning on netflix…


I think it needs something along the top. I’m still not sure what though. 

Spring Break!

19 Mar

My husband was on spring break last week, and I wasn’t exactly on spring break but I did get one Saturday off – so we decided to take a trip to visit our moms for the weekend. 

We didn’t do a lot because Jeremy spent a day in NYC at some archives doing research for a paper he’s writing. On the day he went to the City, my mom and I took the kids to the Children’s Museum. It was so fun! I don’t know if she had more fun or if they did!!

My mom, who’s in her 70s, got in the ball pit with the kids! That was worth the price of admission alone!! We couldn’t stop laughing! 

We then went over to Whole Foods for lunch because I am difficult (the whole vegan and gluten free thing…). 

I have to point out Bea’s dress – I found it at Saver’s a couple days before. I freaked out in the store when I saw this dress and that it fit Bea! It’s perfect condition, probably barely worn, Marimekko – for $3!! She’s currently going through a growth spurt, so I hope this dress fits for a little while…

On our last night, two little poppets did not want to sleep. Thankfully their uncle Ronnie was visiting and had them play “quiet games” – yoga. It sort of worked. When Lucien cuddled me for bed that night he told me how much he loved his uncle’s quiet games. 

Then it was time to come home.  We had beautiful weather for the drive back. The day after we got back my husband and I picked up the dogs from the kennel and I officially started a really awful cold  – at least I wasn’t sick on our weekend trip. 

*i also want to point out that there’s more pics of Bea because Lucien would not stand still * 

New clothes for B & L

10 Feb

I finally got my sewing machine up and running this week. Thankfully school hasn’t gotten to be too busy yet so I was able to get some sewing done for the kids, including a shirt I had cut out and pinned for Lucien but before we moved last spring!

Here’s Lucien’s top, it’s the Charlie Tunic from Made By Rae. I like this pattern (and the dress version) because they’re easy! I also modify it where I don’t put in the buttons. The main fabric in this is wax cloth that my husband bought for me when he last went to Gabon. The coordinating fabric is vintage that I found at a tag sale last summer.


I wasn’t sure at first how they’d go together, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I’m also pretty happy with Lucien’s crazy toothless grin! (Side note – he lost his tooth last week in the middle of the night, and couldn’t find it! Like it’s somewhere in his room, but we haven’t been able to find it. Maybe he swallowed it, but the night he lost it, he says he dropped it between his bed and the wall, and we woke up to the sound of him pawing at the wall to get it back – freaking out the that tooth fairy might not come. It was crazy!)

Anyway –

For Bea, I made a twirly skirt. I didn’t use a pattern, I just measured her waist, then doubled the measurement – so 22″x2 = 44, then I measured the length and added a couple inches to account for the hem and waistband, it was 14″. I just cut a rectangle from the fabric and sewed up the side, but instead of zig zagging the seams after sewing them, I did French seams instead. It took about 30/45 minutes to make, the longest part was putting the elastic in the waistband.


First, Bea didn’t really want to pose – she wanted to twirl around…but she picked the fabric, it’s Alexander Henry from Joann’s maybe a year or so ago. I think I might make her some more and add some mini pom poms to the bottom, I think she’d like that.

ABC book of a different sort

30 Jan

A few years back I took a book arts class. I LOVED it!! The other day when I was unpacking, still, I found the stash of books I made in my book arts class. Here is a link to the funniest one – The ABC Book of World Dictators. I’d totally forgotten about that one!

Embroidered Mandala

29 Jan

Basically I saw one of these on Pinterest and had to try it. It looked mindless and easy and fairly quick. I was right. I needed a quick and fairly mindless project as a break from my two monster cross stitch projects, and the multitude of abandoned sewing projects…


I started with putting light grey felt in a hoop then layering concentric circles in bright pink and dark grey on top. Then I just started in the middle and worked my way out.


I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. I started another one for when I need a break from other projects. This new one is a bit bigger and has the base color and three circles, rather than two.

Wordless Wednesday: he’s the cutest!

28 Jan


(This is from 2008, I think)