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Second semester of grad school begins…

17 Jan

My second semester of graduate school begins soon so I thought I’d show some more things that I did over break.

I did half of this cross stitch – for me, that’s pretty good!


This will eventually be a welcome sign to the house, it’s an Emily Peacock design. Here’s a link if you want to make your own. I’ve been working on this for years! I had the ‘w’ and ‘e’ done but didn’t like how they looked – I lost almost a week picking out all those stitches! Next time, they can stay!! I’m only showing this because I’m determined to work on it this year and hopefully finish it this century.

But my break wasn’t just half, or less, finished cross stitch projects. I also got a bug up my butt or something and pulled the carpets out of Bea’s room. I needed to see the condition of the hardwood underneath! Turns out that it didn’t take so long to rip out, moving all her furniture back took longer.


I think the black spots are glue, maybe? Like the previous owners had a rug glued down in the middle of the room, so they only refinished the sides of the room. It’s really weird. Now I’m insanely curious if the rest of the house is like that, but I did cut my thumb whilst cutting into the carpet on the stairs and my husband hid all the utility knives, haha! My cut wasn’t bad. I actually didn’t realize it was cut until hours later when Lucien noticed there was dried blood on my thumb.

I’ve got some more fun things to write about – hopefully very soon.


Hexagon obsessed (again!)

8 Oct

I’ve become obsessed with making hexagons to eventually make a quilt. This would normally be great, except that right now I have a custom order to work on and I have to make things for a craft fair I’m in later this winter.


But the hexagons are calling me to work with them…

WIP: man

8 Feb

I have another work in progress to show you. It’s a man this time. He’s coming along fairly quickly. I always think that if I didn’t have kids I’d be able to work more on my stuff, but that’s not true – pre-kids I didn’t work on things any more than I do now. I might actually work more now than I did then.

Anyway –


In case you’re wondering why I have been working, and finishing, so many new pieces its because I got accepted into a group showing for later in the spring – I feel like I have nothing done for it, even though in reality I do.

WIP: Embroidered Lady

31 Jan


The picture is a collage sneak peek of my latest embroidery. I’ve been stuck on her hair – why is is always the hair? And finally came to the solution of using a bit of dark blue mixed with the black to show texture. I like how she’s coming out so far. And I’m looking forward to starting my next person!

WIP: On the right track

17 Jan

I had an idea the other day for a little soft doll with a pocket and in her pocket, she’d have a little peg doll. I sat on this idea for a few days, trying to work out how I would go about making the doll – I’m not so good at making soft dolls from scratch, well, it’s their faces that give me trouble. I checked some old craft books I had for some ideas of how to do the faces/hair and how to attach the arms with buttons.

I then sketched out a head and body and I like what I came up with, but not the arms. I made them too big and I’m not sure I like the attach with a button technique. Here’s what she looked like:


Bea grabbed her right away. She named her “Girl.” And has been playing with her non-stop:


I have a couple ideas of how to fix the doll. I just hope the babies give me a chance to work on it.

WIP: another embroidered lady

19 Dec

I’ve started a second embroidered 70s lady. My husband guessed right away who she’s supposed to be, but not so much because she looks like the reference photo but because he knows me and who I’d pick.

I’m happy with everything but her hair, I’ve ripped it out and started it over a bunch of times. I’m about to give up. But I thought I’d post a progress picture:


She looks like a metal chick right now, with her hair half done.

Pumpkin patch!

23 Oct

We hit up a pumpkin patch this weekend, Ritter’s Cider Mill. We thought it would be fun to take the babies on a hay ride.

As you can see, the not haunted hay ride scared Lucien and he wanted nothing to do with it:


We spent the day there and the babies played and checked out everything they had. Here are more pictures:




The giant barrel rooster was my favorite kid thing. I thought it was so cute. After we left this place, we drove around for a bit and found this place:


They do tours during the week and have free wifi and an ice cream shop. We’re thinking of going back to check it out.

And, finally, when we got home the babies painted their pumpkins:



I like how serious they are about it. And their love of purple is really showing, isn’t it?

WIP: almost done!

18 Oct

As I mentioned, my mom came to visit recently. She also brought me a huge box of scrap yarn and other crafty bits from one of my aunts. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with all that scrap yarn, because you know, tiny balls some larger of different weights…so I thought I’d combine them and make a blanket to work on while we wait for the babies to get out of their classes at the Y.

I’m making the ten stitch blanket. So far it’s going pretty well.

This is the start of the blanket, maybe a week ago. Because you know I have to start right now! it isn’t like I don’t have any other projects to work on…


Check it out – almost done! Not really. But it’s an easy knit that I don’t really need to think about while doing it, so I like that.

Also, I want to point out that I told my aunt that after I finished the projects in the box that she didn’t (one needlepoint, one cross stitch and a half knit sweater) that I was going to mail it all back to her. That includes this blanket. I hope she’s ready for all this crafty mail.

Work in progress: the cross stitch banner

2 Oct

I took it upon myself last week to organize a tin of knotted floss that I’d bought at a tag sale last summer. (to be fair, it was that knotted tin of floss, 5 hoops and 3 packs of white linen napkins for a quarter!) Why? Because I saw how Jason over at Domestigay stores his and I needed to copy him – because he’s mad cool.

This is how it looked when I started, while Bea kept stirring it and saying “happy birthday for daddy” and offering me bites (that I politely declined!):


I ran out of clothes pins before I could finish…but here’s what I did do:


All that organizing made me want to work some more on the what were you thinking, starting this? banner. I didn’t really make a ton of progress but in cross stitch, an inch or two feels like a lot of progress – at least to me.


This is what it will, eventually, look like. You can see how I’m almost done! Ha ha ha!!


*and I also wanted to mention that I updated my etsy shop, and I’ve got a coupon code for all my wonderful readers – FRIEND15, for 15% off your purchase as a thanks for being such great blog readers*

WIP: cross stitch progress

25 Sep


It is very slow going.

I keep telling myself that it’s going slow because I can’t work on it as much as I’d like to, but really I think it’s a combination of that and the fact that it’s really big.