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Insect Safari

10 Aug

My class was cancelled this past Saturday so we took the kids to a local state park where they were having an “insect safari.” Basically it was a nature hike for an hour where a park ranger gave them butterfly nets and little boxes to trap insects and other crawling bugs. 

At first Bea didn’t want to do it, but then she caught a really big katydid and got way into it! Lucien, of course, was all in from the get go. I think he was a little too intense for the park ranger, who was an old lady, but by the end of it she seemed to have warmed up to them. 

We ended up going to buy the kids some butterfly nets on Sunday – they’re a buck at Five Below, the only place I could find them! I can’t wait to take the kids back out to find more bugs. 


Coolest house on the block

14 Jul

My husband and I decided to get our house painted this summer. We live in an old Victorian, and the paint was all peeling and chippy, so it was time. We also had these shakes at the top of the house that were black and we wanted them a brighter color. 

We got lucky in that the painter we ended up going with was amazing and trusted what I picked for the shakes color and the door color – unlike the other painters we had in for estimates.  Seriously, I’ve spent so much time with our painters in the last couple weeks that they are my two new bffs. 

Anyway, here are the pictures:

That’s the old black, that had faded to grey. The painter noticed the sun detail and suggested we paint it yellow – awesome, right?

That’s the awesome painter, putting on “hot lips,” on the shakes. 

My front door. I’m so in love with this! I can’t wait to paint the inside of the house now!!

Neighborhood welcoming committee

4 May

My (absolutely adorable) 6 year old son loves playing outside. He loves riding his scooter up and down the sidewalk on our block. 

He’s super friendly. I think he knows more of our neighbors than I do. He has a big, genuine smile for everyone that walks by and a big kiss for every dog that comes by. 

The other day he and Beatrice hugged our mailman and Lucien told him how much he appreciated getting the mail. The mailman gave him & Bea two rubber band each.

Flash forward about a half hour, some random mean looking teen comes walking by and Lucien ran over and said “here” and put one of the rubber bands on the kid’s wrist. I wasn’t sure what the teen was going to do, but he just smiled and said thanks, then Lucien said “if you don’t like the color, you can paint it!” The teen didn’t laugh at him and just told him it was a great idea. 

Then today while we were in the garden, Lucien made sure to talk to each and every person who walked by our house about our garden. He also had a conversation about dog birthday parties (??) with one of our elderly neighbors. 

He’s totally a one child neighborhood welcoming committee. He is the complete opposite of me. I think we really hit the jackpot with him (and Bea). 

Making friends

27 Jun


As you know we’ve just moved to our house. But there’s a Dominican family that lives behind us. Every single day, Lucien has been pining for the little girl to come over and play…

Today – out of nowhere she came running over and he ran towards her, they hugged and didn’t say a word. He then got in our car and we went to the store. On the way there he said “we hugged, I love her and she loves me. We’re friends.”

I wish it was that easy for me to make friends!!

Anyway…we got back from the store, he and Bea invite the girl over, they played here and then went to her house and played. We met her mom, and made a new friend, too I guess. Her mom told me that she went running into the house with my two screaming “come meet my new friends!! I love them!!”

* the picture at the top is Bea and Lucien playing with their new to them Barbie house – I love when they play together nicely!

Here’s why I’ve been quiet

25 Jun

We’ve been packing and moving into our new place! It’s been very overwhelming! We have come to the realization that we have almost no furniture, but somehow we have 5 coffee tables…what’s up with that? I thought I’d just make this quick with a bunch of pictures.

This is me with my husband in front of the house about 2 hours before the closing, I call this one “two dorks buy a house.”


We aren’t too excited…

I’ve shown a picture of my new kitchen, so here’s some more info on the house – the last person to live in it was a 92 year old woman and her (according the to neighbors) agoraphobic son in his 60s. The husband, who died a decade ago, was a doctor who had his practice at the front of the house – there’s a waiting room, an office and an exam room. It’s really odd but the office and exam rooms will make for excellent sewing/craft/art space with all their built ins – see:


I’ve finally got a spot for all my Pyrex, and nope, this isn’t all of it – we haven’t found it all yet. I told my husband that if there’s a house fire that after the kids and dogs, I’m saving the Pyrex next – the cat’s on her own.


The kids, and dogs, have been loving the fenced yard!


This picture was taken in the front/side of the house, the backyard is insane with trees, shrubs and bushes – which I guess makes sense if the last two people to live here were agoraphobic, that backyard is mad secluded (and buggy). Also note that Bea is showing some princess realness by wearing a handmade dress to play in the backyard!

And I’ll leave you with a picture showing how I’m not the only one overwhelmed in the new place –


Miss Josephine update and more

28 May

For those of you wondering, Miss Josephine is doing much better. She has stopped wearing the cone of shame but she is still finishing up the antibiotics. Her fur is starting to grow back a bit too. I’m really relieved, it was really gross the first day of we she licked her ‘pants’ off.

In other news, I’ve entered B&L in a Parents magazine cover photo contest. Maybe you’d like to vote for them? If you vote for them, I might be your best friend. 🙂

The big move is still going, as well as can be expected. I’d ask why we always move in the middle of summer when we don’t want to pack because it’s too hot, but we once moved cross country in January – it wasn’t much better. At least this move will be across town, and doesn’t involve bringing two dogs and three cats…

Speaking of packing…I should get back to it, but I’ll leave you with a picture of the new place.


I kinda knew this was meant to be our house when I saw the kitchen – there’s a funky floral wallpaper along the top border that didn’t show up well in this picture, but I have matching fabric! Crazy, right?


16 May

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d last written!

We had a lot happening, and I had a lot of posts planned that just didn’t get written. I’ll try to catch you up on some of it.

The kids went to their first carnival. After going on the Ferris wheel the first time, Lucien declared “when I’m big, I’m going to ride the Ferris wheel every day!” Of course I took pictures:



Lucien kept his arm around Bea the whole time on this ride so she wouldn’t get scared. It was so cute!

We also started going to the park a lot more to get some toddler energy out.


This will be Lucien’s first album cover, I think. 🙂

We also went to look at a bunch of houses, here are some highlights:

This house had funky wallpaper all over it, and a huge leak in the attic. But I wanted all the funky wallpaper, some of it was very Florence Broadhurst.

I’d never seen this before, it’s a built into the counter blender.

That wallpaper along the top, I have fabric that matches it almost exactly.

Curious as to which place we ended up getting?

I didn’t forget about the challenge, but –

10 Jan

I wanted to write a quick post about our friend’s visit. Our friend Aya came from Japan for a week. The kids were in heaven, and while they were at school during the day – she and I shopped. It was really fun having her here. After she’d left, Lucien said “I’m sad she’s gone because I love her!” It was so sweet.

I thought I’d share some pictures from her visit.

There was a lot of choo choo play. She’s now an expert at Lucien’s weirdo choo choo rules.


Aya showed Lucien how to take selfies, so then this happened:

He must’ve taken about a hundred of them. Hahaha!

So, I have been working on the daily art challenge, but it’s just the embroidery and it doesn’t look much different that before, right now. I’m hoping for a wrap up of that piece and the start of a new one this weekend.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: pumpkin patch edition

23 Oct

(Lucien kept calling all these pumpkins “little chairs.”)

(I love that he’s skeptical of the hayride, it makes me laugh)

(Bea kept carrying that cup of cider around and calling it her “mommy’s coffee” – lol, so cute! And maybe I drink too much coffee?)

Day off from school = Day trip!

17 Oct

My kids recently had a day off from school on the same day that my husband was off from teaching so we decided to take a little day trip. We went to the Crayola Experience in Easton. It was really fun for all four of us! I didn’t take a ton of pictures but I’ll share some of what I took, because really it was fun.


My kids about passed out when they saw the outside! They kept yelling “BIG MARKER!!” I think when I said we were going inside they didn’t believe me. Lol!

The inside was set up with a bunch of hands on stations where you could paint with melted crayons, make your own molded crayons, make your own crayon labels, make your own markers…my kids were in heaven!

They loved the giant markers and crayons outside. We had to pose and take pictures on all of them! And play on them. I think Lucien was disappointed that we couldn’t take one of the giant crayons home.


I loved the crayon wall! Lucien did too!

We had so much fun that two little someones who passed out before we even left the parking lot:

(Yes, I fixed her seatbelt before we started back home)