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New show

1 Apr

I’m having a showing of some of my latest pieces tonight for First Friday. I’ll have embroideries and little lady dolls. I went by the venue yesterday to set up and it looks really good.


Here are a couple close ups –




I hope there’s a lot of interest! Wish me luck!

Fusion Union wrap up

29 Mar

Last weekend was the Fusion Union event. My husband came with me as my helper – doesn’t he look excited to be there?


We did actually have a great time. We met a lot of really fun people and I made a few sales, which was awesome, and I got try some amazing gluten free baked goods (from Get Baked – I want to marry them, this place is so good).

I’ve been spending the rest of this week slowly updating my etsy shop with a lot of the things I made for Fusion Union that didn’t sell and with other items I’ve been secretly working on. I think photographing and uploading everything to etsy is taking as long to do as it did to make everything. Haha.

Oh, here’s a picture of me behind my booth – I’m clearly way more excited.



Just in case you missed it

30 Dec

I posted a review of the newest Isa Chandra book on my other blog. You should check it out, click here. In short – I love it!! I’ll be posting over there a bit more as I try more recipes from the book. I’ll let you know here when I do. 🙂

Fashion Friday: part two, electric bugaloo

29 Mar

Fashion Friday is a weekly series in which I will highlight some of my children’s outfits.

For this week, I’ll show you the outfit that my daughter is wearing right now. This is a typical choice for her:


Sh told me that she was a fairy princess. Anyway, the details on this are – tights from We Love Color, the top was from Boscov’s last winter, and the skirt was from Joann Fabrics on clearance (they sometimes have these princess skirts, it was $25, but with clearance and coupon I think I paid less than $5)

As for Lucien, he asked me if he could dress like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. This is the best I could come up with:


He and Bea, who dressed like Daphne that day(!), kept running around looking for clues! Ha ha!! The details on his outfit are easy – it was all thrifted.

Quick trip to Grandmaman’s house

10 Mar


My husband has been on spring break this week, so we decided to surprise our kids and being them to visit our moms for a couple days.

They were in heaven the entire time we were there and I’m sure they hated leaving.

We spent one day having lunch with my mother in law, the going to the Dr Seuss Museum with friends (side note: it’s not really called that, I just call it that because of the Dr Seuss sculpture garden in the middle). The babies had a blast running around the natural history museum:

Bea wanted to high five this guy!


They were unsure of Sam I Am. Also, that’s his foot (perv -ha ha!), I was at a weird angle.


Chillaxin’ in the dinosaur footprint. They loved this thing.

The babies also spent one full day alone with my mom and my mom’s cousin – they took them out for pizza, and for froyo, then out to shopping where they got to pick out new clothes – my kids kept it real – Bea picked out a princess dress and Lucien picked out a friggin’ suit! They’re crazy.


Lastly, I just wanted to show Bea’s crazy princess outfit that she was so proud to have packed herself for the trip! It doesn’t show in this picture, but her tights were neon pink and black striped. She kills me. One of my friends thinks I should start a Bea and Lucien fashion blog, I might have to if she keeps wearing this kind of stuff.

*the photo at the top, the bridge, is the Hamilton-Fish Bridge in New York state. I took it on our way home, J was driving.

Happy International Women’s Day

8 Mar


Happy international women’s day!

The screaming one is Beatrice, she’s with her foster sisters. I posted this picture last year and the year before for women’s day, I’m posting it again because her screaming always makes me laugh – or in this picture it does, in person not so much. I suspect I’ll be posting this picture on women’s day for years.

You mean all this time we could’ve been friends?

3 Mar

I don’t think it’s a secret – I LOVE Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? it’s one of my favorite movies.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone:


Now for the tragic part – I embroidered this on a vintage linen and lace fabric that I’d recently found at a local church rummage sale – can you guess what happened to the Joan Crawford part of the embroidery?


I’m not quite sure it can be repaired but I think it can still be salvaged – but I won’t lie, when that rip happened I screamed so loud that my husband thought I’d cut myself with my needle or scissors.

I guess I need to pick my vintage fabrics more carefully…

Race and my southern town

29 Jun

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about this or not, since I tend to keep things fairly light on here, but I thought I should throw this out there.

I don’t think I mentioned this, but recently on PBS was a documentary about the town I love in – Welcome to Shelbyville. It’s about the influx of Somali immigrants in town. There was a few years back, a bunch of articles in my local paper that were anti-Somali/anti-Muslim – with a lot of extremely hateful comments.

Here’s the deal, I only see the Somali’s at the grocery store. They always smile at me, I think because I have cute African American kids. At any rate, I worked at a Middle East Center for 3 years, I have no issue with Muslims or immigrants (my mom’s an immigrant, from Canada). But, if you listen to the people in my town whether in the newspaper or on this video, they’re making it out like the Somali’s are super illegal terrorist immigrants. They also deny being racist when called out…

So, this relates to me personally because I not only have black children, but they’re African immigrants. I was really scared the first few times we took the babies out. No surprise to anyone else that nothing happened. But, when people, from here, ask me why we’re moving – not wanting to raise my children in the south is a pretty big reason.

I thought I’d also mention that we’ve been really lucky in that we haven’t had to deal with a lot of comments. We had an incident at a playground where a little girl of about 5 or 6 kept petting Bea’s hair, like she was a puppy or something. I don’t think she was doing it to be mean but more because she didn’t understand why Bea’s hair was so different than hers. The issue, for me, was that Bea was clearly uncomfortable with being touched yet this girl kept doing it, and her mother said nothing. So, I said something. All I said was “do you mind not petting my daughter? It is making her uncomfortable.” The girl started crying. And her mom shot me dirty looks as they left. I make friends everywhere.

We had another incident where an older AA woman kept trying to hold the babies – without asking my or my husband’s permission. When she picked up Lucien, he flipped out, because you know, stranger…she was acting as though she was laying claim on them because they were the same color and I was not. It was really weird. She also asked me how long we were planning on keeping them. In an effort to make friends with her, I asked how long she was planning on keeping her children. She didn’t get it and asked again how long I was planning on keeping them for their parents. I repeated my question of how long was she planning on keeping her kids. She left.

We actually only had one other crazy old white lady yell at us…we were at the hospital waiting our turn at the lab and some old lady started talking to us about the babies…can you guess where this is headed? She asked us where we “bought” them and why didn’t we adopted “a perfectly good white kid?” I told her we bought them at the store and they were on sale. That didn’t stop her, she also told us about her son getting lots of women pregnant but that it wasn’t his fault because he was so attractive. Like I said, she was crazy.

I’m a bit worried about our move. The town we’re moving to is mostly white, that’s what is worrying me. I want my children seeing other kids that look like them. And I know it’s completely unavoidable, but I hope they don’t have to deal with racists. I think that would break my heart for them.

Chickpea Patties

29 May

A few years back on the Yeah that Vegan Shit blog, I saw a recipe for chickpea cutlets. I tried them and both my husband and I went crazy for them. I pretty much made them all the time for a long time until we got so sick of them that we couldn’t even look at chickpeas anymore. And eventually we forgot all about the tasty chickpea cutlets.

Then a few months ago, the lovely Miss Deva over at Sabjimata posted a recipe for chickpea sliders. (Both recipes are from the Veganomicon – which I got for Mother’s Day, lucky me!) Anyway, I remembered while reading her post how much I loved the chickpea cutlets and thought about making them, but in typical fashion I forgot all about it.

Finally, this week I made the chickpea cutlets. So good! I didn’t use all the recommended spices – I only used black pepper, dill, and a tiny bit of garlic. I also added a tablespoon or two of prepared mustard and some nutritional yeast. And instead of bread crumbs, I used chickpea flour instead.

I can’t express how much J, the babies and I loved these. I made it twice this week. I’d probably have made it a third time but we ran out of canned chickpeas.

I served it with cheezy vegetables and the babies gobble it up. Cheezy veggies is basically mushy veggies – I used broccoli, cauliflower and carrot. I add soy sauce, black pepper, a bit of garlic, some nutritional yeast and a handful of fake cheeze (usually diaya or teese). Mix it up and watch my kids go crazy. Sometimes instead of fake cheeze, I’ll mix in a coconut curry sauce or make a peanut sauce and they still go nuts for it – even picky Beatrice.

I’m sure you can guess what we’ll be having at least once this week for dinner.

Wordless Wednesday: new color & cut edition

5 Jan