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Rainbow loom crazy

7 Aug

My kids spent a few weeks at a summer day camp this year and while at day camp, Bea learned about rainbow loom bracelets. 

She is obsessed. 

I bought her a kit, and plenty of extra pink elastics, and she has been going to town every day making bracelets. She had me look up new techniques for her and I found this fishtail thing. I started it and tried to show her how and she said “that’s good mommy, now you finish it!” 

That’s my bracelet. Bea didn’t like it because the pink quotient wasn’t high enough. 

And not to be outdone, I taught this fellow how to make the fishtail bracelets and he’s making them!

That’s some concentration. 

So, here’s the weird thing though – they don’t wear them!!! Bea puts hers into a purse, and Lucien’s are in a pencil case, and they constantly count them and bring them everywhere – but never wear them. It is so weird. 

Busy time off

7 Jul

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking classes on Saturday, year round. Well, I got kind of lucky and just had a full three week break – that hasn’t happened since Christmas. I originally thought about just sleeping while the kids are at camp, but then I felt guilty so I started making things. Lots of things. 

This was first, I’d heard the song and made the embroidery and didn’t know what to do with it.    
 I love this song. 

Then I got hooked on making foldover zip clutches, I’ve been making them non-stop. I ran out of the amazing (vintage, yard sale purchased) blue with white polka dotted fabric! But here are some pictures:

I’m obsessed.  I’m also running out of zippers – something I never thought would happen. 

What’s your latest craft obsession?

Crafty break before summer classes start

19 May

I finised my spring classes a couple weeks ago and have been taking advantage of the time off to make a lot of crafty things – because I always get these ideas for small crafty projects, but during school time, I don’t have time to do them. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and I still have a few more I want to finish before my classes start on Saturday. 

I painted rocks for the garden with Beatrice. After we put them in the garden, our (possibly senile?) old dog Miss Josephine tried to eat one…she’s fine, and I just moved the rocks to where she can’t reach them anymore. 

I organized my case for my hexies. That’s a super task. It’s still missing glue sticks though. 

I made this rain cloud pin. I think it’s missing a sad face, the next one I make will have a sad face. 


I painted these wooden beads and made a faux marbled clay bead. I love these chunky necklaces, so I had to make one. I made another one for a friend, I hope she likes it. 


Every time I see Peter Dinklage, I can only think of this quote now. I had to embroider it. My husband couldn’t stop laughing when I showed it to him. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my other projects before Saturday… 

ABC book of a different sort

30 Jan

A few years back I took a book arts class. I LOVED it!! The other day when I was unpacking, still, I found the stash of books I made in my book arts class. Here is a link to the funniest one – The ABC Book of World Dictators. I’d totally forgotten about that one!

First finished piece of 2015

5 Jan

I did start this a few days before the new year, but just finished it.




I’m really pleased with how it turned out! I don’t cross stitch a lot and I designed my little family people myself so I was nervous about how it would all look. I’m thinking of making one of my mom & her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, I think they’d like that, I don’t know – maybe I’ll change my mind once the semester starts and I don’t have any more free time. 🙂

How is it already fall?!?

21 Oct

I had all the best intentions of keeping up with writing after our move this summer, but then time got away from me. And now that things are somewhat winding down – I’ve been super busy as I’ve gone back to school part time! Holy cow, the amount of reading is insane! I’m also making B & L’s Halloween costumes this year, because they both wanted to be Wonder Woman and Elsa. So, if I make the costumes, they can be something else, as long as I can make it.

I’ve also been trying to carve out some time to make crafty things, to keep my sanity. Over the weekend, I made these nifty horse necklaces. I may put one in my etsy, I’m not sure yet.



I have a couple more necklaces I started but haven’t had a chance to finish. Hopefully I’ll have time – I have a paper due for a class this week!


24 Feb

I’ve been spending my days recently making some boutonnières for the Fusion Union Wedding Expo. I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with different combinations of flowers, beads, shells (yes, shells!), and succulents. Seriously – I’m having so much fun making things for this wedding expo, I want to get married again, just so I can completely DIY my whole wedding (again!).


Here are some pictures of some of the boutonnières I’ve made, I haven’t photographed all of them, mostly because it’s really hard to get a decent picture of them.


Like I said hard to photograph, but this is the one with the seashell in the middle. It looks much better in person.

My mom made fun of this one when I showed it to her. She said no one in their right mind would like orange and blue together and why did I pick such dark colors for my samples…

This is the first one I made. I love these silver balls. I was thinking of trying to make one of just the silver balls, but wasn’t sure if that would be too weird.

I’m way into succulents lately, maybe because of all this snow! I need to experiment with the succulents a bit more, I think.

As I make these, I’m getting more and more excited and nervous about the expo. It’s a totally different market and direction for me, but I feel like it’s the right way to go. At least it feels like when I’m making these things, these are what I should be making, like it isn’t forced…so, we’ll see…

Tie it up

7 Feb

I’ve been a bow tie making machine over here for the Fusion Union Wedding Expo.

I thought I’d show some of the ones I’ve made recently as I think they’ve been coming out really good and I’m so, so excited about them!



These last two are my recent faves – I love that sailor fabric – I found it in Maine years ago and love it so much I’ve never wanted to cut into it. The wax cloth is from a friend of mine who clearly knows the way to my heart! I love how the selvedge looks wrapped around the bow.


Crafty things

31 Jan

I’m so excited! I just found out I’m going to be vending atFusion U ion Wedding Expo, this March 22!

I’ve never vended at a wedding expo, but I think that my bow ties, cake toppers and new items (see that tease?) are a perfect fit! I’ve been spending my days making embroidery samples for custom wedding embroideries – like this one:


I have more planned, and they’re all completely customizable! I’m also bringing my embroidered portraits as I want to let brides know I can embroider wedding portraits as well.

I’ll keep posting new items that I’ll have at the expo, as I make them. I’m pretty excited about some of my newer items!!

Challenge 8-9/365

10 Jan

I thought I’d add the recent embroidery and a little art piece I helped my kids with – which I think counts?


I finished the second circle – and have lots left to do! I’m still excited about this piece and am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.


This is a little project I helped the kids with – they’re sun catchers. I did the halo on Bea’s angel and the hoofs and part of the head on Lucien’s reindeer. I like how they both got really creative with their colors.