Dentist surprise

10 Sep

This post isn’t so much about the kids’ visit to the dentist – which went well, but more about the surprising thing that happened in the waiting room beforehand. 

The dentist we take them to has a very small waiting room, maybe 5-6 chairs. I was on one side with Bea and my husband was on the other, opposite me, and Lucien was like the triangle point away from us in the tiny kids area (which is actually just 3 puzzles with missing pieces). Lucien was trying to do one of the puzzles when the woman next to him leaned over to help, that’s when he noticed her. She was older, and had a giant gash on her forehead with stitches and a black eye. 

“What happened to your head?”

My husband and I looked at each other, you know the look, like “oh shit!”

The woman told him that she fell on her carpet, a bit coldly because, I think, she was unsure of where it was going next. Lucien then asked if it hurt and she laughed and I was able to breathe. He kept asking her what happened next, and she told him all about her ambulance ride, her CT scan…and wouldn’t you know that at one point, he reached out and touched her arm and said “that must have been scary for you, I’m so sad you hurt your head.” 

I think that’s when she fell in love with him. 

By the time her husband came out and it was Lucien’s time to go back, they were fast friends. When she left, he again told her he was sad she was hurt and that he wanted her to be better. She had cartoon hearts in her eyes. 

It surprised me because he’s six. He’s active and seemingly doesn’t seem to pay attention to anything, yet he’s so empathetic. I hope he doesn’t lose that as he gets older. 

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