Summer is flying by!

16 Aug

I hadn’t intended on taking a summer off from blogging, but with the house move and the kids out of school and playing outside…I never quite found the time to write anything. We haven’t been doing a lot, mostly playing outside and unpacking, and counting the days for school to start back up.

Bea turned 5 a few days ago. Her chronic ear infection cleared up enough that she was able to return to swim lessons. But she decided that she doesn’t want to get her hair or her face wet, that causes problems…so, we got her a swim cap. She’s adorable when she wears it! On the morning she turned 5, she asked my husband for coffee and declared “I’m five! I can do anything I want!” Unfortunately for her, she was wrong…

We have also spent our Saturdays going to tag sales. We found some stuff mostly in the form of toys. But we’ve also been leaving the house late and trying to sleep in. Next week the kids start soccer, putting a krink in my estate sale plans! How dare they! Haha!



Just some random summer pictures – bathing cap, birthday and my husband with Lucien.


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