Here’s why I’ve been quiet

25 Jun

We’ve been packing and moving into our new place! It’s been very overwhelming! We have come to the realization that we have almost no furniture, but somehow we have 5 coffee tables…what’s up with that? I thought I’d just make this quick with a bunch of pictures.

This is me with my husband in front of the house about 2 hours before the closing, I call this one “two dorks buy a house.”


We aren’t too excited…

I’ve shown a picture of my new kitchen, so here’s some more info on the house – the last person to live in it was a 92 year old woman and her (according the to neighbors) agoraphobic son in his 60s. The husband, who died a decade ago, was a doctor who had his practice at the front of the house – there’s a waiting room, an office and an exam room. It’s really odd but the office and exam rooms will make for excellent sewing/craft/art space with all their built ins – see:


I’ve finally got a spot for all my Pyrex, and nope, this isn’t all of it – we haven’t found it all yet. I told my husband that if there’s a house fire that after the kids and dogs, I’m saving the Pyrex next – the cat’s on her own.


The kids, and dogs, have been loving the fenced yard!


This picture was taken in the front/side of the house, the backyard is insane with trees, shrubs and bushes – which I guess makes sense if the last two people to live here were agoraphobic, that backyard is mad secluded (and buggy). Also note that Bea is showing some princess realness by wearing a handmade dress to play in the backyard!

And I’ll leave you with a picture showing how I’m not the only one overwhelmed in the new place –



2 Responses to “Here’s why I’ve been quiet”

  1. Jessica June 26, 2014 at 19:22 #

    Congrats on the new house! So exciting!

    • Chantal June 26, 2014 at 20:40 #

      Thank you! I’m excited and overwhelmed!

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