Miss Josephine

22 May

Our nervous dog, Miss Josephine, is very nervous about our impending move. So nervous that she’s been licking herself a lot, a lot, to the point where she’s no longer wearing ‘pants.’ We took a trip to the vet, to make sure she was okay – she licked herself so much that she gave herself an infection!

We also got this:


Look how smug she is!

Well, after a couple days of wearing it and taking her meds – she was a lot less smug:


But, don’t feel too bad for her. We keep it off her most of the day and just monitor her closely. And she’s been getting a lot of gentle attention and hugs from everyone, which she usually loves very much.


Excuse the moving boxes in the pictures…

I should get back to doing just that, packing. I just want this whole move to be over with, and so does Miss Josephine I’m sure.


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