Quick trip

15 Apr

The kids and I took a quick trip to visit my mom. Mostly to pick up the last of my dad’s papers – here’s some advice: have proper life insurance and your affairs in order when you died otherwise, it is a pain in the ass for everyone else…anyway…

We had a lot of fun with my mom. It was super nice out so the kids got to play outside.



(Before someone asks, Bea’s dress is from Kohl’s and his pants are from Target and the top is Kohl’s)

I also took this picture of Bea and my mom, my mom said to her “let’s pose!” And this is what Bea did:


Lastly, the kids also did a lot of hair salon on my mom, which she loved:


I lied, here’s one last picture, when I was going through my dad’s papers we found his wallet and inside this was the first picture:


It made me sad. I was maybe 3 or so in that picture, and my parents have been divorced for about 18 years (they divorced when I was 21). It’s weird and sad what people hide from their loved ones.


2 Responses to “Quick trip”

  1. deb jacobs April 15, 2014 at 15:01 #

    the second one almost looks like it was taken in the seventies.

    • Chantal April 15, 2014 at 15:07 #

      That’s thanks to the Instagram filters! Haha

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