Fashion Friday

28 Feb

Fashion Friday is a semi-weekly series in which I will highlight some of my children’s outfits.

I haven’t been doing as many Fashion Friday posts lately because the kids wear uniforms to school…so it would be the same outfit every week! But this week, their school had a dress down Friday. I let Bea and Lucien pick out their outfits themselves. Bea was very excited about this and woke us up very early to get dressed.


Lucien is wearing his favorite yellow submarine t shirt (from Target, a couple years ago – we will all be sad when it no longer fits!). His pants are also from Target, from the Harajuku Mini collection – yes, they’re girl’s pants. We don’t care, he loves those pants, a lot. So, I let him wear them. I bought them for Bea, but she hates them.

Bea is wearing a whole lotta look. The cardigan, I knit from a Noro pattern. The dress is from Target from a couple years ago. I think the green top was thrifted, the tights were from Granny and I think her sneakers were also from Target.

Clearly, I shop somewhere way too often as I’m looking at my own outfit right now and it’s from the same store…uuhhh, and so is my husband’s outfit. Haha.


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