Preschool drama

27 Feb

You may not know this, but we really hit the jackpot with Lucien – he’s a really happy go lucky kid. He’s our little Mr Personality. He’s also very kind and empathetic.

So, the other day I was concerned when he kept telling Bea that he hated her. Then when I tried to break up the fight, he told me he hated me! I was told him that he could hate me but he needed to give me a reason – of course he couldn’t.

Here’s the thing, he’s 4 – he shouldn’t be hating anything! Where did he learn to talk like that? It wasn’t from us. I immediately thought it was from his friends at preschool, you know, catholic school…ugh.

The day after this drama started Lucien told us about how his bff wanted him to hit a girl in their class, but he didn’t because “mommy said I shouldn’t hit girls.” He then went on to tell my husband that his bff didn’t want to be his friend any more because he wouldn’t hit the girl.

A couple days go by with no hate talk, no mention of the bff or hitting girls…then on Monday, as we were leaving swim class, Lucien says to me “I hate myself.” I had to find out why – it was because the bff was now an ex-bff and he was really upset about it. My initial reaction was to say “fuck that kid,” but you can’t say that to a 4 year old. We called my mom on Skype and ended up having a talk with her about how you need to love yourself. We’ve also started repeating the words of RuPaul every morning “if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

And yes, I had a talk with his teacher and she said their was nothing weird going on. Maybe Lucien was just being overly sensitive. I don’t know, but he was really upset. I didn’t really know what to do, I didn’t think drama like this started at age 4! Ugh!!


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