Some thoughts –

30 Jan

Quite a few of my friends have asked for my thoughts regarding the recent episode of 48 Hours that featured Congolese adoption. I figured I’d just write a post about it, even though I might have an unpopular opinion about it.

First, you can watch it here.

Second, now that you’ve watched it –

Yes, the woman in it, Sue, is really awful, truly she comes off like a terrible person. But, the family adopting comes off, to me, as willfully clueless – they act like they didn’t know a single thing about Congo, or that there was corruption in Congolese adoption – a quick google search would turn up any of that information. Seriously. I realize not everyone is married to an African history professor, but Google can tell you a lot. So, another problem I had with it, is they never explained how they got their exit letter so quickly. Like they just happened to get it on the day they were leaving? Maybe that was just editing?

That said, let’s go back to Sue – she seems to have a fairly clear track record of either being corrupt herself or of working with corrupt individuals in country but the US government is either unwilling or unable to investigate her? That seems odd. I guess with the new Hague requirement that goes into effect in July, she’ll be out of business anyway.

Also, a lot of you probably already know, but for the time being Congolese adoptions are at a standstill. They’ve been shutdown since September. A friend of mine, since grammar school!, she has a little girl she’s waiting to bring home. She went over for five weeks and had to leave her daughter there, which is unimaginable. As willfully clueless as I might think a lot of these waiting parents are(because I’m a terrible person, apparently), I still hope they can get their kids soon.


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