Bzzz bzzz busy

20 Jan

I think I mentioned that at the beginning of the year we had two visitors in one week, I thought that was busy! Apparently this getting used to the kids back at school and J back at work schedule is also keeping us plenty busy!

In our big news here, I applied to vend at a fairly big

event in CT, it’s different from the types of shows I normally do. I’m pretty nervous about whether or not I’ll get in. *fingers crossed I get in!*

In anticipation of getting into that event, I’ve been crafting away while the kids are in school and at night after they go to bed. And really, sometimes when they’re playing. the kids and I are still doing a lot of crafty projects together. – so, no, I didn’t forget my challenge, I just haven’t been very good at photographing it – I also want to keep some things somewhat secretive for the event in CT, nothing super major but maybe it will add an element of excitement, or not. Haha.

Other than being busy and taking the kids out in the snow, there hasn’t been much else to write about – actually, that’s not true – I have a post planned about the 48 Hours from last week, the one about international adoptions.

Anyway, this guy wants to go outside…





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