Hard questions

11 Sep

I had to answer a hard question from Lucien tonight. It kind of took me off guard.

We were watching Iron Giant, and there’s a scene where a deer gets shot a dies. Lucien and Bea didn’t understand. Lucien kept asking me about it. They’re both 4, so it was hard for me to explain hunting in terms they’d understand – when really I don’t get it myself.

Lucien asked me about meat last year, and I told him the truth. He took it pretty well – he just didn’t understand why people ate animals. Now he gives my mom lectures about her chicken eating sometimes. Oops! He also says that animals are his friends and he doesn’t eat his friends. Bea on the other hand, I feel like she’d eat her animal friends.

I thought telling them the truth this time might be the best way to go. They were really upset. I had to let them know that I find hunting upsetting, that its okay to be upset. They seem over it now. I think they really just wanted the Iron Giant to fix the deer. I think that’s what upset them most, that he didn’t.

I kind of wished my husband had been here to answer that question…


One Response to “Hard questions”

  1. deb jacobs September 11, 2013 at 14:53 #

    i i think you did good. you gave them what they needed.

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