I assure you, they’re my kids

20 Aug

Last night I stopped by the Indian market in my town (I’d link to them because they’re awesome but they don’t have a web page), and the owner said the craziest thing to me as I was paying.

Keep in mind, we shop there at least once a week. We know the owner and his parents very well – his mom made me dosa once(!), they know my name, they always give me Indian cooking tips…

So, I’m paying and the owner says “Chantal, I kept hoping you would come in, I wanted to talk to you.” I’m a bit worried at this point, but I’m secretly hoping that he’s going to offer me a job so I can learn the secrets of Indian cooking. But that’s not what he wanted to talk about.

This is what we talked about:

Him: so, I do not want to offend you by asking but – you have the little girl? She is a little darker than you?

Me, laughing nervously(I’m pretty much the color of milk, everyone is darker than me!): yes, she’s much darker and my son. Why?

Him: your husband, the last time he brought her in there was a problem…

Me: what did Bea do?

Him: it wasn’t them…

Then he proceeds to tell me about how Bea was being cranky in the store and someone, that they didn’t know, walked by and watched my husband and daughter through the window. When J left with Bea, the random guy apparently said something to my husband but the shop owner said that J was so busy putting Bea in the car that he didn’t notice (this I can easily believe as J is totally not the most observant person).

The shop owner then went on to say that the random guy then went into the shop and asked if he could wait there for a few minutes. The owner and his father weren’t wondering why for long because the police showed up!

Turns out, the random guy wrote down our plate number and called the police! The random guy thought my husband had kidnapped our daughter!

When the shop owner and his father realized that, they told me, they immediately sprung to Jeremy’s defense – “I told them he was a good man and a good father. He is a regular customer. He is in here often with his daughter, son and wife. He buys his rice and dosa here!” The shop owner also said he almost called me, but didn’t want to seem like a weirdo – I assured him that he wasn’t the weirdo in this story. From what the shop owner’s father said, the random guy was insistent that my husband was a kidnapper, that Bea did not want to be in the store with him – Bea gets cranky easily, but to jump to kidnapping is fucked up.

I guess the police believed the shop owner and his father, but that’s really scary. I literally had nothing to say to what they were telling me – all I could say was “who kidnaps a kid then takes them shopping for curry spices?” They laughed but, wow, what if the police had shown up at our house? Or stopped my husband on his way home?

I realize that when we decided to adopted to black kids that we’d hear some crazy things, but this has certainly been the craziest thing. I don’t know what my husband would’ve done if the man had confronted him. Did this guy not know that not all families look the same? And beyond that, I wasn’t there – if it were me, I’d have assumed that J was in a relationship with a black woman or had adopted her, not that he kidnapped her that’s a huge leap to make.

I’m still kind of in shock about it.


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