Scranton Lace Factory

31 Jul

In my last wordless Wednesday post the last picture I used was of the outside of the Scranton Lace Factory. I absolutely love that old building. My husband and I had been dying to go inside since we moved here.

Well, last week, my friend Aubrey sent me a link to an ad on Craigslist for cheap antiques. We were wondering where it could be since it had a lot of industrial items in the ad. We wondered if it could be the Scranton Lace building, but then we remembered that we live in an area with a ton of abandoned factories so it could be anywhere!

Curiosity got the best of me and I called right away! Imagine my surprise when the guy called me back the next day and said that it was at Scranton Lace and that we could all come down that afternoon! Even though we didn’t have a sitter, I said yes.

You know we brought the kids. Luckily B & L were really well behaved. It was really cool, despite the front steps not being made for girlie ladies like myself who didn’t think to change out of her Birkenstocks. Yep…

Anyway, here are a couple pictures I took:

This is the room where they’d put all the stuff for sale. It was all in a corner, and super dusty. It was behind me, from where I took the picture.

This is the little gang that went in. Lucien was there too, but he was holding my hand.


This is the side of the building.

So, with us going to the Scranton Lace building and going inside, its like I accomplished one of my Scranton goals. And every time we drive by the kids get excited and say “mommy! We go in there!” (We go by it a lot because its on the way to the farmers market).


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