Kid Craft: perler beads

19 May

I’m constantly trying to come up with craftivities to do with the kids. It’s really hard to come up with something that’s within their skill set and that doesn’t bore them.

I thought of perler beads. I’d been seeing some perler projects recently that looked really cool and wanted to try it – I’ve never tried it before either. So, with my trusty coupons I headed to my local craft store and picked up some supplies.

After I explained to the kids how to do it, Lucien lost patience very quickly. But as you can see, Bea took it very seriously:


It’s really simple. Basically you just put little beads onto a pegboard. I had a hard time because I have adult hands and not tiny hands, but with tweezers I was fine. Once you’re done, you just put a piece of wax paper on it and iron it to fuse the beads together. It’s kind of fun. I have about a million perler ideas now, because I don’t have other projects to do (<— a lie! I have lots of other projects to finish!).

Anyway – here are our finished projects:



I added in that second picture where the kids aren’t smiling so you could see Bea’s heart better – she filled it all in and even when she knocked out some of the beads by accident, she just picked them up and started over. She loved doing this.

Lucien just lost patience really quickly but he was really proud of his final project, which is what counts.


I tried to make ombré earrings.

Have you ever used perler beads? What did you make?

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