Busy, busy

9 May

I just realized I hadn’t posted in a couple days – I was so caught up in my art show opening and in getting all sorts of little errands done before my husband started back up at work next week (the myth that professors are off for the summer is false, by the way…). And my mom visited for the opening, and so did a bunch of our friends – I felt so loved and supported, it was wonderful. It confirmed something I already knew – I have some truly amazing friends.

Anyway –

The opening went really well. I was nervous beforehand, but like Jordan, who was also in the show with me, said the hard work was already done and there was nothing else we could do. I got a lot of great feedback about my pieces and even sold one! Here are some pictures from the opening night:


Melanie, one of the gallery owners, took of me on the opening night. I like this one – even thought it took us a bunch of tries for me to not look stilted.


My family in front of some of my artwork. I love this picture – it’s so typical for us, no one is looking in the same direction and Bea thinks it’s all about her. lol



These are some pictures I took of my pieces on the day that we hung them.

I have lots more to post about from when my mom was here – like our trip to the dairy farm and Lucien’s new haircut, but I’ll save that for another post.


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