Transracial adoption

2 May

So, remember the other day I mentioned that I had written something for xoJane, it was about transracial adoption and a lot of the rude comments I’ve gotten from strangers. Well, it was picked up by The Root. I was literally shaking with excitement when I got that email, mostly because holy shit – The Root! And also because I was scared of what kinds of comments I’d get.

Well, turns out most of the comments on both xoJane and The Root have been pretty good. I’m also really sad from some of the stories some commenters have related – people can be truly awful sometimes. But – I’ve also gotten a couple of really nice and supportive emails and that made me happy, too.

And then today, this happened:



2 Responses to “Transracial adoption”

  1. thezooks May 3, 2013 at 09:10 #

    Awesome article! I agree with you, your kids are hands down THE cutest 😉 No one would be in their right mind to “send them back”…that is so ignorant & ludicrous!

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