Fashion Friday: take 4, a day late

13 Apr

Fashion Friday is a weekly series in which I will highlight some of my children’s outfits.

I’m a day late because I’ve been so caught up in last minute working on things for the art show – that’s also why my blog has been so quiet lately as well.


Bea’s dress was made by me! It’s the Charlie Dress from Made by Rae. I’ve made Bea a couple dresses and Lucien a lot of tops from this pattern and I love how it turns out. Seriously, all of her patterns that I’ve tried have turned out really well – and I’m not really all that advanced a sewer, but her patterns make me feel like I am. (She isn’t paying me to say that, it’s just the truth!) Anyway, Lucien’s pants are the same ones from the Easter post and his top is from Kohls last year.

I thought I’d add this bonus photo of Bea – she wanted to wear this outfit the other day and that jacket – it’s size 18 months! She’s small! And the jacket was added to the box of clothes to go to goodwill.



2 Responses to “Fashion Friday: take 4, a day late”

  1. deb jacobs April 13, 2013 at 19:21 #

    that jacket is the cutest! and really suits her xx

    • Chantal April 13, 2013 at 21:38 #

      I about died when I saw what size that jacket was! She usually wears a 3 or 4!

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