Easy post Easter kid craft

31 Mar

I don’t know if I mentioned but we’ve been taking the kids to a weekly music, movement and craft class. They love it. There’s only one other boy in their class, so that could be partly why they like it…

Anyway, every week in the class the teacher busts out her plastic eggs and has everyone get one and make music with them. It’s just beans inside and they’re hot glued shut.

I can make that!

So I did:


I used chickpeas because those are the dried beans that were at the front of my cabinet. I scooped some into the egg, then shut the egg and hot glued all around the outside. That’s it!


It doesn’t look super pretty, but it holds fairy well as Bea has dropped one about a dozen times already and it hasn’t shattered. I think they’re just as excited about this as they were the Easter chocolate.

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