You mean all this time we could’ve been friends?

3 Mar

I don’t think it’s a secret – I LOVE Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? it’s one of my favorite movies.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone:


Now for the tragic part – I embroidered this on a vintage linen and lace fabric that I’d recently found at a local church rummage sale – can you guess what happened to the Joan Crawford part of the embroidery?


I’m not quite sure it can be repaired but I think it can still be salvaged – but I won’t lie, when that rip happened I screamed so loud that my husband thought I’d cut myself with my needle or scissors.

I guess I need to pick my vintage fabrics more carefully…


2 Responses to “You mean all this time we could’ve been friends?”

  1. deb jacobs March 4, 2013 at 00:45 #

    if it were me i would totally sew it up with x’s or something. it wo uld add to the handmade vibe.

    • Chantal March 4, 2013 at 09:45 #

      I actually fixed it all up last night. I’ll have to either post a picture here or just email you – I had planned on doing the latter.

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