The princess and the monster

10 Jan

The other day Bea asked us for a new “fairy princess” dress. She’s really into fairy princesses right now, really into them. I remembered seeing some on super clearance so we said yes – of course they didn’t have any more left and we had to go somewhere else…


We ended up at old navy and found this skirt. This picture does not show how truly neon it is, it’s like a highlighter. Bea paired it with this top we found a target – I think it’s old lady but she loves these old lady blouses and asks for them a lot when she sees them. Anyway, the skirt was on super clearance for $1 and I’m sad there weren’t more colors, although this color probably explains why it was the only one left.

Because we picked up something for Bea, we had to get something for Lucien to not make him jealous. I found this super cute hoodie – the kind that makes a monster, or crocodile according to Lucien, when you put up the hood. He loves it and does not want to take it off. He will only wear it with the hood up and say “don’t look at me or I’ll bite you!” then he runs over and fake bites us. Apparently yesterday he did this and literally passed out:


He was at my feet and I thought he was faking when it got a little too quiet! Ha ha!! I guess it’s hard work being a crocodile monster!


2 Responses to “The princess and the monster”

  1. deb jacobs January 10, 2013 at 19:06 #

    HA HA HA!! that is awesome. i always let my kids pick out their own clothes too. and when one got something, the other one would too xx there is nothing wrong with the princess thing. you can be a feminist and a princess at the same time x

    • Chantal January 10, 2013 at 19:20 #

      When she sees tv commercials for princess castles she gets really angry and says “that’s Beatrice’s house!” ha ha!!

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