Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Since its the holidays we took at trip to visit our parents – J and I are lucky that even though our parents are all divorced that they all pretty much live in CT, J’s dad is in Boston.

I thought I’d share some of our trip pictures, since we’re cutting our trip short thanks to an impending storm.


We started our trip by spending a night in Philadelphia because Lucien needed to get fingerprinted for visa stupidity. Then I had to drive through Peekskill NY on this scary as hell mountain pass. Beautiful, but I thought I was going to drive off a cliff the whole time.


After we got in, we met up with one of our friends and went to the casino to see Charo!! She is amazing!! I wanted her to kouchi-kouchi on me and she did.


The babies brushed their teeth.


We took them to a Santa village and Lucien was skeptical of a fake snowman.


Quick trip to Boston to visit my father in law. I love the view from their apartment, they’re in the 29th floor, but I neglected to take a picture of it.


We also saw my dad for some more presents.


This was taken this morning. You might recognize the fairy princess dress from her Halloween costume. She loves that dress.

Later this morning we’re heading out to my mother in law’s for brunch and then we’re going to head back home later tonight. It’s kind of a pain – traveling in the winter with snow but at least we got to see friends, family and Charo!

Did you have a good Christmas?


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