Christmas gift

20 Dec

We had a couple people we didn’t know what to get them for Christmas. I also didn’t have time to knit something in time – see last Christmas’ cardigan for my mother-in-law that just needs sleeves that for some reason I’m not finishing…

Anyway –

Thanks to a healthy checking of pinterest constantly I kept seeing recipes for flavored booze. Some of the giftees on our list like to drink – perfect! On the advice of a friend of mine who had made her own flavored drinks before, I called google and found this jolly rancher infused vodka recipe.

It’s super easy. Basically you seperate out the different flavors, put them in a container (glass, I used mason jars) and then pour vodka over it. Easy and quick.



These two are from the first night. The colors are amazing! This next one is from after a couple days:


I can’t wait to try one! Maybe tonight I’ll crack one open and use sprite as my mixer. I also hope our drinkin’ friends like them.

Have you ever made infused alcohols? How did it come out?

2 Responses to “Christmas gift”

  1. deb jacobs December 20, 2012 at 18:22 #

    i like the jolly rancher part! (i don’t drink =) but i bet drinkers will love t hem!

    • Chantal December 20, 2012 at 19:42 #

      One of the boozer friends used to pour kool-aid powder into vodka and it was a syrup-y, sugary, yuckiness. He will love the jolly rancher vodka.

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