Holiday gift crafting

26 Nov

Since I’m fairly certain that ladies on my Christmas list don’t read my blog, or even know about it actually, I feel fairly safe in posting this work in progress. Along with a store bought gift, I’m making some of the women on my list infinity scarves. I know, they’re kind of passé, but I really like them so fuck it.

I googled about a million directions of how to make them. Basically, you just decide how big you want the loop to be and how wide you want it and cut the fabric accordingly. Then I used about a million pins to pin the sides of the pieces together – I had two very long pieces for one and two long pieces for the other. Then I used the zig zag stitch to sew up the long sides of the fabric, making a tube. Then I turned it right side out and brought the ends of the tube together and sewed the opening closed – that was the tricky part.

I kind of like how they came out. I hope the recipients like them, too. Here are some pictures:

This is the first one I made. What am I looking at, you might be wondering? Well, I’ll tell you – nothing at all. Ha ha.


This is the second one I made. The fabric is a really soft flannel that I had in my stash. I think this one is kind of long, but it’ll work.

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part was that I had a little helper:


Until he got bored that is…

2 Responses to “Holiday gift crafting”

  1. deb jacobs November 26, 2012 at 13:55 #

    i like that first one best, with the slices of different textures. a million pins is right!

    • Chantal November 26, 2012 at 15:36 #

      I like the first one better, too. I might take apart the flannel one. I think this works better in lightweight fabrics.

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