Hospital Visit

20 Nov

So, the other day we let the babies play outside – it was nice out and we all went out, dogs too.



See Bea trying to get Lucien to push her around the yard? That’s typical and also it’s why we call her Queen Bea.

Anyway, at one point while we were outside, I caught Lucien playing with his nose. He immediately started crying and said that his nose hurt. I asked why. And he said “I put a rock up there.” great

I got out a flashlight and made J hold Lucien down so I could look. I didn’t see anything and since he’d stopped crying, we forgot about it.

A few hours later…

We were in the car driving to get groceries and Lucien, out of nowhere, had a massive meltdown crying that his nose hurt. Can you guess where this is going?

If you guessed to the ER, you’d be right.

When we got there, we didn’t have to wait as there was no one else there, weird, right? The physician assistant was kind of horrible and I think made things worse. She was using a paper clip to try and get the rock out – while making me hold him down! It was awful. It didn’t surprise me that she couldn’t get it out. When I saw blood, I made her stop and get another doctor – cuz I’m that guy.

So, the next doctor didn’t try anything but said he had to call a specialist. I sent J home with Bea to feed her dinner. In the interim, the doctor tells me the specialist didn’t consider it an emergency and wasn’t going to come in – I said “what an asshole,” before I could stop myself. The ER doctor then said that he’d like to try putting Lucien under and trying to get it out. We then had this conversation:

He said “we’ll be using ketamine, have you hear of it?”

Me: “you mean like a k-hole?”

DR: “yes. Your son will be deep in the k-hole.”

That happened.

A little bit later the ER doctor came back with another guy who was the specialist that wasn’t going to come in, and I said “oh, you decided to come in?” again, I was that guy.

In talking to the specialist, it turns out he lives literally 2 houses away from me and has a cocker that looks like Hartley. Weird, small town living!

He explained what he’d be doing and they came in to dose Lucien. It acted so fast that he barely had time to ask me hold him before he passed out. It was freaky as all get out. And I couldn’t wait for J to come back!

J and Bea came back just in time for the procedure, which was done in front of us! It took the specialist literally 3 seconds to get it out.

Lucien had shoved a juniper berry way up his nose. We don’t have those in our yard. Crazy!

I asked him why he did it, afterwards and he said “Lucien wanted to be silly.” yep.

He’s good now. And keeps telling me how whatever I’m holding doesn’t go in the nose.



2 Responses to “Hospital Visit”

  1. Deb Jacobs November 20, 2012 at 19:35 #

    i’m that guy too. good for you! i’m glad they got it out! what an awful time!

    • Chantal November 20, 2012 at 23:19 #

      If they’d just sedated him first, instead of trying all sorts of things – we’d have been out of there so much quicker. That was the most annoying part for us.

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