What Happened?

16 Nov

This won’t be a super long post as everyone at my house is sick! Bea got a cold the day after we got to my mom’s and we all caught it. I think my mom wants to kill me because she caught it!

I thought I’d make a quick post of some of the highlights of our trip to Connecticut. We didn’t really do much, visited the two grandmothers and went to a couple stores. The babies love my mom’s not only for all the sweets she gives them, but because they can usually play outside for hours in her backyard – and various old ladies will join them and give them more sweets. Candy and cookies are important to them.

Here are some pictures I took while we were there:



They were super excited when we got there because there was still a bit of snow. Not a lot, as you can see, but enough to make them excited.



We went to Granny’s house for a quick visit. They spent a fair amount of time telling her what they wanted to Christmas. We also went to dinner, at a Japanese/Chinese place, and Bea surprised me by loving the miso soup! And Lucien surprised Granny by eating almost all the veggies off her plate. Oh, and Lucien’s sweater in the picture, Granny knit it for him. It’s really cute.




We played outside some more. The babies mowed the sidewalk while my mom supervised. I’m glad the weather there really warmed up.

I guess this wasn’t such a short post after all. We’re going back to see the grandmothers the week after Thanksgiving, hopefully no one will be sick and we can do something that involves leaving my mom’s apartment.

Hopefully you don’t have a dreaded fall cold.

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