Hey Peg

2 Nov

I saw, a few months back, a pin on pinterest about using olde timey clothes pins to make peg dolls and putting a letter of the alphabet on each doll. You know, to help kids learn through play. Well, I waited to long to make them and my children mostly know their alphabets…but I still wanted to make some peg dolls.

I had some ideas about making them. I’m still working on some, and let me tell you, they’re hard to work on because I can’t when the babies are awake because Bea thinks they’re all for her – she will literally steal them as the paint is drying. I know you’re laughing. It’s funny. And annoying.

Anyway, here are a couple I’ve finished so far:


Bea calls this one “mommy.” Hilarious.


The one on the left, Bea calls “Baby Bea.” The one on the right I’m saving to attach to Christmas gifts like a tag.


The little one has a pin thing on the back. The taller one Bea stole and calls “Freya Lady.”


Bea insisted that Baby Bea and Freya Lady needed dresses. She is actually, as I write this, currently having an animated discussion between Freya Lady and Baby Bea. I asked Bea if she wanted a Daddy or man/boy doll and she freaked out that she only wanted girls and ladies. lol!

Have you ever made peg dolls? It’s really fun.


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