Experiments in screen printing

25 Oct

I think you’ve noticed from all my posts about block printing that I’ve recently developed an obsession with printmaking. It’s not a new thing, more like I remembered it. Based on my renewed obsession I thought I’d try to print some fabric, but I didn’t want to block print I wanted to silk screen it. Now I haven’t done any screen prints for years, I had to ask an art teacher friend of mine for help. She suggested the drawing fluid method. I thought you might want to see some of what I came up with –


First I tried that method where you tape a piece of lace to the back of the screen and print lace. I didn’t quite like how it came out. But I liked how the lace looked when it had the paint on it.

I then tried the drawing fluid method with an embroidery hoop and some sheer curtain fabric – I had read online that you can screen print that way. It worked but the mesh of the sheer curtains wasn’t the same as in actually screen printing fabric. Here’s how that came out:



Then I moved on to the actual screen and drew, with drawing fluid a couple different designs. A couple didn’t come out, but a couple did. I’m happy with the bike. I still think these need a lot of work though.


I don’t think I’m ready to print my own fabric yet, but I’m having fun with all these experiments.


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