Haunted house

16 Oct

There’s a house in Scranton that my husband and I really like love. We alternate between calling it the Marsten House or “the Scranton Murder House.” We say this with love because literally every time I see the house my eyes turn into cartoon heat eyes – no, really.

The other day we drove by and saw that it was for sale!!

Of course we went to take a look. After seeing that the inside was super messed up, we can’t buy that house. If we didn’t have kids we would probably seriously think about it. But with the kids it isn’t a good idea – which makes me sad. It was also sad being in that house because it was easy it imagine what it must have looked like before it was no longer kept up. While we were there, one of the neighbors was outside so I asked her about the house. She told me that an elderly couple lived there and had died about two years ago. I suspect they stopped working on that house well before two years ago.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took when we were there:

This is the back of the house. It’s so creepy! And wonderful!

This is the back porch. It’s scary to walk on.

The details of the wood floors and the radiators was killing me.

This was not the only amazing built in that house had, they were so amazing.

The bench Bea is sitting on was carved and ornate and attached to the stairwell.

Messed up drop ceiling that is exposing the even more messed up original tin ceiling.

The ceiling in the dining room. That’s fabric wallpaper up there. Amazing.

This is the stairwell, looking up to the second floor, that Bea was sitting on the bench. All that woodwork!

I hope you liked the pictures as much and we all liked seeing the house up close. If you’re handy and live in my area, buy that house and fix it up and invite us over! 🙂


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