Farm visit

10 Oct

My mom came for a quick visit this past weekend – J and I were going to a wedding in Philadelphia and she came to babysit the babies, dogs and cat. While she was here, we went to visit the dairy farm, Hillside,, that the babies love so much. I think we got lucky in that we got to pet a bunch of small calves – they’re so adorable!


This is Lucien and my mom petting the calf my mom really liked.

This is me with Bea – her first time not being scared of the cows. I think because they were little, like her.
this is my mom again with her favorite calf. I really like this picture of them.
my favorite calf. She was very friendly and so small!
J took this picture. I love it because no one is looking in the same direction. Also, I’m not doing some crazy dance move in the background – I was feeding the (already way) over fed ducks.
a full shot of Bea’s crazy outfit she picked out.
20121010-124740.jpgAnd the babies favorite part of going to the dairy farm – ice cream!

(I’m planning on posting about the wedding later this week!)


2 Responses to “Farm visit”

  1. deb jacobs October 10, 2012 at 15:18 #

    are you all vegan? that pic of your mom and l petting the cow is so so sweet xxx

    • Chantal October 10, 2012 at 15:21 #

      We’re not vegan – I’m the closest to vegan, but I’m having a hard time letting cheese go. Certainly not my mom – she actually had a burger the same night we went to the farm! I was all “you have no heart!”

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