19 Sep

I know I mentioned that the babies are now taking swim classes – which is still going well. Bea and Lucien swam on their own last time! Yay!

We also signed them up for soccer. They love that too. I think Lucien just really likes running around. Bea on the other hand is super shy but when they were doing races, she was the only girl, and was the fastest but when some boy pulled ahead of her at the last second – he arm went up to body slam him. She didn’t let him win the next time…okay, Miss Competitive, calm down, you’re three!

Anyway, we bought a soccer ball and have been taking them to play soccer on the field at my husband’s campus. They love that! Little kids running around randomly kicking soccer balls is so cute!

Here are some pictures, note that in one of them Bea is wearing a skirt to play soccer – as a friend of mine said, one must never sacrifice fashion for functionality. Ha ha.






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