My memory of September 11th

11 Sep

I figured that since I saw a bunch of blogs I normally read were writing about their September 11th memories, I’d write about my day. Other than what the day has become known for, I actually had a pretty good day.

My day started out with being nervous about going to the dentist. I had a wisdom tooth that needed to come out. My husband called me to tell me about the towers falling – we didn’t have cable and I thought he was joking. He said I should call my dentist to make sure they’d be open as he’d heard places were closing all over town (we lived in Waterville, Maine at the time).

When I called they had no idea about what had happened – and in no way was I going to become that guy and tell them. So, I went to my dentist appointment and in the waiting room they had NPR on and I could hear the news reports which were getting more and more horrifying, but the people working in the dental office must’ve been so used to having it on as background noise that they didn’t notice. It was extremely surreal.

So, I had my appointment. The tooth was x-rayed and I made my follow up for its extraction. Not once was the towers falling brought up. It was so weird.

When I got home, we’d gotten a call from a cat rescue and they wanted to know if we were free to pick up the cars we’d applied for tonight. Umm…we thought, why not? It would make the day a bit better on our end so we went and picked up our first pets as a couple.

This was Lord Alfred Douglas. He was huge. He died in 2009, (he had a kidney problem) the fall before the babies came home. He was kind of a mean cat but I liked him. Also, please ignore my terrible 2001 hairdo:

Me and Bosie

And this is Bosie, as we called him, with our current only cat – his former lover – Myra Ellen (she’s still that small):
Picture 010

The other cat that we got was Bosie’s sister Varouna. She was a very nice and gentle cat. The babies loved her. I think the move was too much for her, she just hid out all the time and got really sick. Our vet suspected cat cancer. She died last fall, the day before thanksgiving.

So, obviously, I’m horrified by the events of that day, but I’m also happy because we got Bosie and Varouna that day. Someone I know posted that she was listening to Howard Stern and that’s how she heard about it – I would have thought it was a joke!



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