Thrift Score

24 Aug

J and I decided that regardless of how the babies, or other shoppers, felt about it we were going thrifting. We live in Scranton. There’s a huge aging population here, no one is really moving here – it’s a lot like when we lived in Maine and we all know how the thrifting was when we live there (amazing!!).

We first drove out to a town called Plymouth that’s about an hour away. I had seen online that it had a supposed really good thrift, but we didn’t find it. What we found were signs for next weekends kielbasa festival and lots of this:


We got out of there before nightfall just in case it was like a ‘Salems Lot type situation.

Actually, a lot of the crumbly old buildings were really lovely and we’re actually planning on going back to photograph some with my actual camera.

We did end up going to a couple places though, here in town. I found a lot of stuff for the babies. Bea’s favorite is an insane skirt that she found – it’s hot pink satin with white polka dots and has a grey tulle underskirt – very Minnie Mouse. It still had the tags on it. My favorite find for her was the $2 Lilly Pulitzer girls dress. I’m excited for her to grow into it.

But J and I agreed that Lucien had the best find:


Can’t beat that intense look. He wanted to sleep with it. He woke up this morning and asked for it first thing. I think he’s in love.

I also think we’re raising a couple of thrift store lovers…


2 Responses to “Thrift Score”

  1. deb jacobs August 24, 2012 at 22:07 #

    that is so funny, how intense he is looking at it. glad you found some good stuff!! i would die without thrifting. x

    • Chantal August 24, 2012 at 22:22 #

      When my mom called them today, he played all the noises for her and was all “see my fire truck” while holding it up to the phone – so cute! He’s pretty obsessive about things – I can get behind that, since I get that way about a lot of things.

      Yeah, Jer was still talking tonight about how good we scored. We’re thinking of checking out another new to us town tomorrow. I’ll have to bring my real camera though. Ha.

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