Kid craft: sun catchers

20 Aug

I saw a pin on the pinterest for melted bead sun catchers and thought it would be a fun project for the babies. I followed the directions over on the Artful Parent blog, which is an awesome blog in general. I have a lot of ideas for projects to try with the babies now.

Anyway, they loved sorting the beads into their own muffin tins. I mixed translucent ones and glow in the dark ones. We called it “making rainbows,” and now the babies want to make more rainbows! I think we can make more when J’s at work one day, this was really fun for all of us.

But here’s a small tip, other than the whole open a window one – when you’re using your drill to drill the holes (I used my dremel), make sure the drill part doesn’t get gunked up with plastic. Mine did. The drill was remelting the plastic as it drilled the holes! This was easy enough to fix though – I just waited a few seconds for it to cool and then used some jewelry making tools to crack the plastic on the drill and it just came right off.

Here are some pictures of our sun catchers in action in the babies rooms:




2 Responses to “Kid craft: sun catchers”

  1. deb jacobs August 20, 2012 at 13:20 #

    pretty! i used to do this in cooke cutters on top of foil and make pins out of them. i scored a huge box of beads on ebay once. they never sold, but i thought they were neat x

    • Chantal August 20, 2012 at 13:50 #

      That’s really a cool idea. I’m going to try it! I hope you don’t mind.

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