Why so quiet?

17 Aug

I had an impromptu blogging break this past week because my best friend/twin sister was visiting from Japan with two of her nieces! (she’s not really my twin, but we’ve been calling each other that since she was an exchange student who stayed with my family when we were both in high school – going on twenty years ago now…shit, I’m old!)

Anyway, her visit started out with us picking her & the girls up in New York City. Some of our other friends met up with us and we all had a picnic in Central Park and then went to the Natural History Museum for a bit (side note, I’d never been and I really want to go back). I should point out here that of the friends that showed, B & L had only met two beforehand and Bea was a trooper! She was shy at first then this happened:


This girl is 6. She and Bea became instant besties – holding hands, sharing kisses, chatting away…this is even awesome because the girl only speaks Japanese, which Bea does not speak. So cute!

We did a bunch of touristy things around Scranton – the dairy farm, the Fanciful Fox (where my friend agreed that the owners were cool), we checked out crazy houses for sale and that we’re abandoned, we swam at the Y, and we hit up the farmer’s market where I was told that the girls hadn’t had apples since the Japanese earthquake/tsunami because the region that was worst hit is where apples were grown – so we bought a huge bag of apples for the girls. (we also bought something called “pineapple donut peaches” which is a flat peach that tastes like pineapple, it’s so freaky and good).

Here are some pictures, I have more on my real camera that I’ll share later, these are from my cell.

This is a game they brought for the babies, I kept calling it cat jenga. It’s like this cat cubby thing that you can build into different shapes, then you use chopsticks to places small cats in it without it tipping over. I played with the girls and loved it, of course. It also came with a small litterbox! If you come visit me, you can now expect to play cat jenga and lose.

This is Lucien in a outfit the my friend’s mom made for him. It’s so cute. Her mom also sent a bunch of amazing dresses she made for Bea.

We visited J at work. The older niece wanted to see his office. She’s a straight A student and was apparently very impressed with the campus, her sister meanwhile was impressed with rolling down the front lawn of the camps.

This is the gang at the dairy farm. The dress my friend is wearing was mine when I was in high school. I dressed ahead of my time.

This is the NYC skyline right before the Lincoln Tunnel. I like how it’s kind of the ghost of a skyline.

Bea on the way to NYC.


Bea on the way back from NYC. Note her sock mittens. She loves wearing socks on her hands. I don’t know why.

Anyway, that was my last week. How was yours?

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