WIP: possible tea towel sampler

10 Aug

Last night my husband and I watched I Love You to Death. We had both remembered seeing it years ago, but couldn’t remember anything specific about it – other than me saying how much I loved River Phoenix (but I’m the perfect age for that sort of thing). It was pretty funny.

I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with my latest work in progress, right? Well, here’s the long version – a couple weeks back I hurt my wrist. Nothing serious, kind of a slight sprain. My doctor said not to use it – yeah right! It’s my left wrist & I’m left handed and I have two toddlers to chase after all day! I have been doing my best not to use it. I have been laying off embroidery and finishing that bracelet I started.

I have been instead sketching out ideas for when my wrist is better. You saw some the other day. And since you didn’t outright laugh at me, I thought I’d share more – which is where the movie comes in. Also, true story – I have an art degree and am super self conscious about my drawing skills thanks to one art prof who literally told me on the first day of drawing class to leave because I wasn’t good enough! (side note to that: he worked with my husband) so yeah…

Okay, so in the movie there’s a scene with Tracey Ullman and River Phoenix in the kitchen and behind them is this amazing wallpaper – stacked teacups in shades of yellow and green. It’s so awesome.


I sketched this out really quickly while we were watching the movie so I wouldn’t forget – I think it would be really cool if the designs on the teacups made for an embroidery sampler. And if the teacups lined the sides of a tea towel. That’s my plan for this drawing, after I refine it a lot more.


4 Responses to “WIP: possible tea towel sampler”

  1. deb jacobs August 10, 2012 at 14:28 #

    that’s a great idea for a tea towell! i have not seen that movie, i’m going to have to now. and what a jerk professor! did you send jeremy to kick his ass? just kidding xxx hope your wrist is better soon! xx

    • Chantal August 10, 2012 at 14:43 #

      Ha – no. But when he asked Jer for a favor a few months later, Jeremy was very happy to say no.

  2. ChrisF August 14, 2012 at 22:55 #

    I think that if you made one and decided it clashed with your kitchen, you hated it, or some other random thing, that I have an address in Philly you could send it to!! I love your style of drawing the quirky fun things. Someday I’m going to steal one of your drawings and start my own embroidery. I used to do whole cloth quilting, but it’s so space intensive. I’ve been working on a couple of the kits that ocme with all the thread you need, but I’d like to try one of those sampler’s that teaches you stitches. Someday I’m going to steal your artwork!!!

    • Chantal August 14, 2012 at 23:02 #

      Thanks, Chris! I’m kind of self conscious about my drawing skills – it was actually at Cabrini with Lisa and Richard that I started to feel better about about it (they were the best!).

      I’ll work on the tea towels and maybe a towel can make it to Philly… 🙂 now that my wrist is finally starting to feel a bit better I think I can try embroidering again.

      Also, I thought you lived in the ‘burbs?

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