Good hair, bad nails

9 Aug

We’ll start with the good –

I rebraided and beaded Bea’s hair this week. I have to say, for a three year old she’s really, really good at sitting still for me – for hours. I used really bright, glow in the dark beads this time. I tried to do a rainbow effect on her head, but I don’t know if that really shows. Oh, in the front, the two front braids have hot pink glitter star shaped beads on them. I think those are her favorites. Here’s how it came out:



I’m pretty pleased with how Bea’s hair came out. I think my braiding skills are getting better and, more importantly for Bea, faster.

Now on to the fail –

I saw on a few blogs something called galaxy nails (click the link!). I thought it looked pretty cool and seemed fairly simple to do. I don’t really like how it came out. My husband said it looks like a child colored randomly on my nails, thanks douche! So…yeah…



I told my husband I’m not worried about it looking bad as it should just come off in the pool. But with my luck this mani will stay! Ha ha.


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